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As Indians, whether or not an enthusiast, we all love cricket. And we love having an office environment where we are awarded for working hard. has been a pioneer when it comes to employee satisfaction. To add to that, the company has introduced Village Cricket League - Season 4.

Like the famous IPL, VCL follows the same rules and excitement, except here they organize in the form of T10. There are four internal teams – Cobol Gladiators, Java Strikers, Flying Falcons and C-Sharp Warriors. Staying true to form and following the company culture, to represent various areas of the office, each team is named after a programming language. The owners of the teams are also picked right from within the company.

Entering into its fourth season, the excitement has been building up steadily since the beginning of the year. In true IPL style, MouthShut first organizes the screening where each player shows off their skills and strengths. Some bowl like Kapil Dev and some can compete with Sachin Tendulkar in batting!

After that comes the auction. Excitement levels are always high when the owners put on their finest jackets and walk on to the grounds, ready to outbid each other for the finest players. Once the teams are made, the promotions begin! Each team promotes themselves and try to gain as many supporters as possible. These supporters stay loyal to the team they choose, adorning the jerseys that are selected, designed and revealed each year in a grand manner!

The practices are filled with fun and enthusiasm. The players find any time that they can to cram in a few throws to stay fit and ready for the matches.

When the final day of the matches rolls in, enthusiasm is palpable! Two days of teams competing with each other to win the trophy, to become champions!

Every year during the VCL, one can see the employees bonding and be building up each other, going the extra mile. MouthShut is a company that cherishes and respects its employees. The VCL is a place for team building and creating memories that everyone cherishes! Because didn’t we all just want to go out and play when we were kids?

The matches are organized every year at the Islamic Gymkhana Cricket Ground at Marine Lines. This year, the matches will be conducted over a two-day period on Friday, 15th December 2017; and Saturday, 16th December 2017. Come on over, support the players, and stand a chance to win MS Points! Be a part of the two-day fun! Competition details will be posted on our social media platforms. Follow to know more.

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