Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in India

Updated on : Aug 01, 2022 6:12 PM
Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in India

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is one of the most difficult problems people face today. Of course, no one wants to go bald, but the number continues to grow with people rising to around 110 million. Baldness is not a small problem but it is a condition that makes a person lose their beauty and attractiveness. 

1. In India, an individual usually experiences hair loss after age 35.

2. In women, hair begins to fall out at the age of 50.

3. India is known around the world for its effective and affordable hair transplant.

4. Usually the normal cost of hair transplant in India is around 25,000 / - to 60,000 / -.

5. However, it can depend on the type of fall or baldness and the different FUs or grafts implanted.

The cost of hair transplants across the main metropolitan locations in India are as follows:-

1. Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai:- 40,000 - 1,40,000. All referral charges are between Rs 30/- -Rs 45/-.

2. Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore:- Rs 50,000/- to 1,50,000/-. The annual fee is between Rs 25/- Rs 40/-.

3. Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai:- Rs 40,000/- to 1,40,000/-. The cost of one handshake is Rs 25/- to Rs 45/-.

4. Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore:- Rs 30,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/-. Cost per hand is Rs 25/- to Rs 40/-.

5. Hair Transplant Cost in Lucknow:- The price ranges from Rs 45,000/- to Rs 1,45,000/-.

So, if you are facing similar problems and want to remove the same, the list below will be of great help without further adieu, let's begin.

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The experts at Enhance Clinic believe that everyone wants to be healthy, beautiful, beautiful and have a beautiful personality. They strive to provide and perform cosmetic procedures more than to ensure good results. The Enhancement Clinic is known for offering natural-looking hair treatment regimens that are medically approved for safety and targeted care. Hair transplants at Enhance Clinic are offered with the common goal of optimal performance and satisfaction. Many celebrities and cricketers who have undergone hair transplant love the results.

1. The clinic and all the surgeries are performed by Dr. Manoj Khanna who owns and runs the Enhance Clinics.

2. Latest technology used along with a panel of experts in dermatology.

3. Presence of more than 2 decades.

4. Success rate:- 99%

 5. Number of Doctors:- 25

 6. Number of clients:- 24750+

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Harley Hair Clinic is a name you can trust to make it easier for you to find long lasting hair solutions. As Dr. Sumit Agarwal is a celebrity across India who visits and cares for him. That is because it is a satisfactory solution to the problem of hair loss and hair transplantation that continues to grow long even after surgery. As confirmed by their more than ten years of experience as hair transplant specialists here at Harleys Clinic, they understand the issues and modern technology for the best results.

1. The clinic and all the surgeries are done under the supervision of Dr. Agarwal.

2. Has successfully performed over a thousand surgeries.

3. Expert in Strip, FUE and FUT techniques.

4. Get all the benefits of international standards at just the national costs.

5. All-in-one-solution for all hair surgeries and transplants.

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Known for the best hair transplant and skin care solutions, Dr. Armendra and Dr. Kavish Chauhan. They use technologies and machines that provide a permanent solution to the hair problems that a person faces. Here you will be helped to restore lost hair in a minimum time and with the help of a painless procedure. In recent years, a large number of cases of hair loss have been reported, mainly among young people. So, DermaClinix is the best solution for those who have suffered from baldness or baldness.

1. Offering the best solutions as having on board an experienced and qualified team of a dermatologist.

2. They also ensure that safe and effective services are delivered.

3. They are present at all major locations.

4. They not just before or during the surgery help with anything that you have questions or problems regarding, even after the surgeries are done they are there to assist you with anything that ails you.

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Better than investing a ton of money and going to another country for hair transplant, now it's great for everyone to do it, it's possible in India too. India is not behind any other country in medicine and new technologies are used for best treatments and solutions. So it is best to visit Rejoyce Clinic in Dadar, Mumbai. Here, the clinic is known for providing the best skin and hair solutions for years as they have vast experience and knowledge about hair transplant.

1. Founded by Dr. Shankar Sawant.

2. Offering top-class services since 2002.

3. Offering the best solutions for hair fall and baldness with an expert dermatologist team.

4. Present in various locations across the country.

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More than 250 patients who thought their skin was insurmountable have been successfully treated by Sachin Sharda, Hair Transplant Specialist at SkinCity, Jaipur. So, whenever you need to restore lost hair, this is the right place. You use the hair on the back of your neck because this is the area most affected by alopecia (hair loss). The patch is slightly reduced in the follicular areas and inserted into the affected area, it may be a little painful during the operation, but it will undoubtedly provide a permanent solution.

1. Known for the affordable rates of hair transplants.

2. More than a decade of hair transplants.

3. Hair transplants are led by Dr. Sachin Sharda and the expert team.

4. The clinic has a common belief of offering the best hair transplant with best in class dermatology techniques.

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Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have a beautiful face, but the thing that scares the situation is hair loss. It is a situation where people not only have no hope, but their self-belief has also been defeated and their personality has been defeated. Therefore, he will become a doctor with the help of FUT and FUE techniques. Discuss these 2 things, FUE is less painful and highly recommended by many doctors. In addition, with FUE, there is less chance of scarring after the operation.

1. Dr. Madhu's Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic was established in the year 2009.

2.Dr. Madhu's Advanced Hair Transplant Centre is one of the finest hair centers in India.

3. They make use of edge-cutting technology for top class results.

4. Performed over 1000 hair surgeries.

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Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have a beautiful face, but hair loss is what makes the situation worse. Not only do people have no hope, but their self-confidence has been defeated and their character has been defeated. Therefore, he became a doctor with the help of FUT and FUE methods. Discuss these 2 things, FUE is less painful and is highly recommended by many doctors. In addition, with FUE, there is less chance of pain after the operation.

1. Dermasculpt hair transplant clinic was begun by Dr. Deepak Devakar.

2. Dr. Deepak who is the head surgeon here performs all the surgeries

3. He has an experience of more than a decade in skincare and dermatology.

4. Recommended as the best option for regaining the lost hair.

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Based on 1900+ hair transplants the history of Medispa enjoys a unique position among the top 10 hair salons in India. With FUE and the procedure, Medispa professionals help their clients who suffer from hair loss. This means that if your hair is falling out for any reason, there is no cure. And Medispa is better at doing that. Here Dr. Sunit Soni is the contact person to restore your lost hair in the best and most important way faster than other centers for hair transplantation. In the year he received the award for the best surgeon in 2015.

1. Medispa Hair Clinic was established in the year 2010.

2. Nearly after a decade of experience in hair transplants, the clinic has offered a constructive solution to all the clients.

3. As to how effective the solutions are could be measured from the fact that most celebs have undergone hair transplants surgeries from this clinic

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DHI is one of the leading clinics in India for safe and painless hair care. There are 2 ways to do FUE and FUT. Any way that is easier and less painful for the patient is better. The clinic is known for the straight hair method. The process is carried out by professionals. Because all doctors are certified by the London Hair Academy - the only reliable clinic for the best hair care at an affordable price. In addition, 100% safe and natural features are guaranteed with permanent results and growth throughout life.

1. DHI was founded by Kostas Giotis

2. It was established in the year 1975.

3. India was introduced in the year 2005.

4. And has been the first preference ever since its inception in India for hair transplants.

5. DHI is present in more than 30 cities and 70+ counties.

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One of the most recommended methods by experienced professionals is FUE. And the same is accepted and performed in the Dermalife hair clinic, which has been proven to work correctly for years. On the other hand, Dermalife has a good reputation in the industry where hundreds and thousands of customers become loyal customers. And all this thanks to the best solution offered in less time and at reasonable prices. FUE is recommended as it does not involve the sewing part and is also a more effective method and is recommended to be followed strictly.

1. "Dermalife Skin Hair Clinic" is quite a trusted name for hair transplants in India.

2. Excel in offering the best hair solutions such as FUE and FUT.

3. People from across the globe travel due to the affordable solutions offered.

4. Best solutions offered for hair loss as having a team of world-class dermatologists.