How To Choose an Aviation Academy?

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 12:27 PM
How To Choose an Aviation Academy?


Aviation academies are best for beginners who want to learn different courses of flight operations and hospitality in a patterned and systematic way.

Before zeroing in on an aviation academy, you should jot down your specific needs and then consider the following steps while choosing an aviation academy.

Establish your objectives

Decide which part of aviation sector calls out to you or you want to pursue. Know your options and choose wisely.

  • If you want to fly as a pilot, then look for a school with airplanes and full-time flight instructors.
  • If it is just for fun or you are unsure about your choice, opt for relaxed-style school. But this may cost you more since you end up spending more time learning.
  • As for commercial pilot certificate, consider a Part 141 School versus a Part 61. This is because Part 61 commercial pilot training requires you to log 190 hours of flight time as compared to Part 141 that requires 250 hours of flight time.
  • It is recommended that you list down all the characteristics you are looking in an aviation academy, be it hospitality or flight operations. Decide if you are looking for special certification for air hostess, or a full-time ground hospitality course. With respect to pilot training, know if you want a professional pilot program or just an internship program.
  • Research, research, research!

Find out the aviation academy that you will like to attend, according to location. Read reviews about your list online over user review portals. Check out the accreditation, facilities, programs, safety programs and anything else that you feel is important to know about an aviation school. Narrow down your list to about 5 schools and if possible get information from all of them, including the training syllabus.

Read information brochures

Take your time to go through the information packets and jot down notes comparing positives and negatives of each school. Make your judgment based on the characteristics that you consider important while attending the academy. Make notes of the bonus features of each school as they may help you in determining your choice, when you find it difficult to make up your mind.

Elimination and Visit

Narrow down your short-listed school names and use the process of elimination for cropping out names. Arrange for a tour of the campus you have selected and make a decision accordingly.

Prepare before each meeting

Make a list of all your doubts are queriies. If additional questions come up during the meeting note them down. Your main objective is to leave each meeting feeling completely satisfied and knowing the picture of what it will be like to be a student at the school.

Does it leave a good impression?

This is something you need to ask after you are done with your visits to various air hostess or pilot operation schools. Determine whether the school still impresses you as it did in the information packet. If you find it more than nice and exciting, then the academy should be considered as a finalist in your list. And if goes the other way and doesn’t impress much, then strike it off and keep looking.

If any financial aid is required, then arrange a meeting with the administrator.

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