Different Types of Bags

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 12:06 PM
Different Types of Bags


A bag has become an accessory! Most women have more than one bag in their closets. They are not just a utility item they even accentuate your style. The modern man is not far behind when it comes to accessorizing, and what better way to accessorize your look, than to carry a bag that serves the purpose and makes a statement as well.

There are varieties of bags available in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. To familiarize you with the ‘bag – terminology’ we bring you some guidelines.

Sports Bag

This is a soft, cross-body bag that comes in a cylindrical shape. It is generally used to carry stuff to and fro from the gym or sports clubs. Most youngsters carry it to the college as well since the bag is very casual and comes in a variety of sporty prints.


 This is a two strapped bag that you carry on your shoulders and it rests on your back. These are often used for travelling hence the term ‘backpackers’.

Baguette Bag

 It is a rectangular bag that looks like a baguette. It is small and compact and usually carried with formal or semi-formal attire.

Bowling Bag

 This bag was first made for bowling balls. It has round bottom and many compartments, with the one in the center being the largest. Now-a-days its more of fashion accessory and is used as a casual bag.

Tote Bag

 A tote is a spacious bag that slightly resembles a bag you would carry to the market. It has a huge base with medium length shoulder straps and no zip or buckle. It is carried by girls and women alike to office and college since they are quite roomy and sit comfortably under your arm.

Clutch Bag

 It is small, hard bag that resembles a box or a small package. It comes in a huge variety and embellishments. Clutch bags have no utility; they can only store 1-2 items. They are mostly carried with formal wear on events and occasions.

Satchel Bag

 Satchel bags were traditionally doctor’s bag. They are flat-bottomed with rounded sides and slightly elongated. The mouth of the bag has collapsible metal frames and has two large handles that come on the top for easy carrying. These are casual unisex bags.

Duffle Bag

 A large bag usually used for sports and travel. The name originates from a town in Belgium, named Duffel because originally the fabric for these bags came from Duffle Town. They were also known as “sea bags” due to their popularity with the sailors.

Envelope Bag

 It is either a square or rectangular-shaped, flat bag with a triangle shape top flap that folds over like an envelope. This clutch is suitable for evening parties or outings.

Fold over or Flap clutch

 It is a clutch bag with or without a handle that can be folded or tucked. It is ideally worn with fluid summer dresses.

Hobo Bag (Hippie /Jhola Bag)

These are cloth bags that are either cylindrical at the base or narrow, They usually have a long shoulder straps and are often carried by hippies.

Laptop Bag

 These bags are designed for accommodating a laptop and its accessories. A good laptop bag has Velcro strap over the laptop compartment to avoid movement of laptop and also separate compartments for the charger, headphones, etc.

Messenger Bag

 Messenger bags were used by the postmen long time ago. They are quite roomy with long straps and are unisex.


 This is a small evening bag, that has a hard ornamental case, either covered with fabric or leather, used for carrying women’s cosmetics, jewelry or other essentials.

Shoulder Bag

 These bags come in variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are unisex bags used by men and women to college or even to workplace.

Sling Bag

 This bag is similar to a messenger bag but is much smaller in size and has a long strap.


 This is a clutch-shaped bag with a small strap. The strap is worn on the wrist and hence the term ‘wristlets’. They can be carried with formal or semi-formal attire.