Best Inverter for Home in India

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 11:43 AM
Best Inverter for Home in India

If you live in an area where you experience frequent power cuts in your house, then getting an inverter could be a good idea. An inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current to alternating current. It allows a battery-based system to run conventional appliances through conventional home wiring. The input voltage, output voltage, and frequency depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. There are so many options online, so it does get confusing and we don’t understand what to buy.

When you need to buy an inverter, you have to keep in mind that you need a battery that will work for 3 hours. A battery with a 130 Ah capacity should be good for a house. Here are some good inventers that will have your back when there are power cuts.

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sine wave inverter has a low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility, which supplies electricity. Inductive loads like microwaves and motors run fast and are cool and quiet. The noise that it makes is also less.It has fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, fax and answering machines. They have 2 years manufactures warranty on their products. It has a UPS transfer time of just 15 milliseconds. It can take a maximum load of 800 W, which is a good choice for your home. It has the latest technology, which is digital signal controller based intelligent control design, which switches automatically to UPS from mains in the event of a power cut. It also has an auto reset feature. The inverter package includes a cable to connect the inverter to the battery. You need to purchase batteries separately as they are not part of the product.

The pros of this product are that it provides a back-up for 5 hours and supplies power to good number of devices at a time. The cons are that there are not too many features. It is bulky in size as well. It costs approximately INR 3915. It comes with a 2-year warranty as well. 

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It has an intelligent feature such as power back up time and display in hours and minutes. It has a 900 Voltage which is great. It also has a hassle-free battery water level maintenance, MCB protection and it has a bypass switch, which supplies output from grid even in the case of home UPS faults. You will get a 24 months warranty. It is easy to use and uses interface 32-bit processor, which acts as battery management system and has an adaptive learning capability to optimize battery charging. The backup time is 8 hours. It has an inbuilt short-circuit and overload protection. 

The pros of this inverter are that the LCD display is great because you can check the charge levels and charging time. The cons are that 900 VA is a bit small. The bypass switch is not automatic and there is no low voltage charging of batteries. A refrigerator, a mixer and a few fans and lights can work on this inverter.

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It provides a stable power output, which helps to run our appliances without any problem. It has a sophisticated design and it provides a consistent and effective output voltage. It comes with an effectual sine wave technology efficacy and avoid short-circuit and deep discharging of battery. It offers high-class protection inbuilt inside the PCB. It also has a high-speed microprocessor, which gives grid quality power, which is similar to the mains. It also comes with the auto sense intelligent control that adjusts the charging current as per the requirement of the battery. It has an electrolyte level sensor indicator for low water level. It minimizes the water toppings and increases the battery life. The pros are that it comes with DSC technology and the maximum load that it can take is 800 watts. The cons are that there are no temperature sensors and no LCD display. 

It costs INR 4810 and there is 2 years warranty on the product.

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It has an output capacity of 500watts/850 VA. It has a lightweight design and it is great to use for various household tasks. It has three pin plug hole facilities that help the user to get the required support during power cuts. It has a wide voltage window and the recharge time is 10 hours. The backup time is approximately 2-5 hours. It uses an external battery system and the recharging time is 10 hours. It uses an external battery system. The battery is controlled by a microprocessor and provides a 3-stage regulated charging and the recharge is extremely fast and there is no decreased battery life. The backup time for this is 2-5 hours. It has a charger output selector that matches the UPS battery charger output to your specific battery size and it ensures an extended battery life and it has no under or over-charging. It has been designed to tackle the power outage problems with its wide input voltage window. The UPS-inverter switch allows you to use your home UPS to power computer systems as well as lights, fans and television. The pros are that it is compact and lightweight. It is designed specifically for power conditions that are prevailing in India and provide a wide input voltage range. The cons are that it does not have a bypass switch and the battery needs to be purchased separately. 

It costs approximately 5,718.60.

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It is really compact and powerful and offers seamless power backup at the time of power cuts. Even your sensitive appliances can get power due to the Quasi Sine Wave Technology. It also has automatic charging technology and PFC technology that saves energy by using the inbuilt energy saver. The green mode shuts down in 10 hours at no load in backup mode and thus saves battery. The UPS system protects your home appliance from power cuts. It also has gravity profile management.

The pros are that it is pure sinewave. It has a digital  LCD display. The maximum load is up to 580 watts. The cons are that there is a slight noise from the cooling fan. 

It costs approximately 6500. The maximum input mains charging range from 100V to 300V.

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It has RBC technology for 60 percent faster charge and twin output sockets for regular load and power load. It has an intelligent output load optimization feature with priority to regular load. It changes the battery with full current even when the mains input voltage is as low as 95 volts. It has a user selectable switch for battery type (flat, plate, tubular, local) for optimum battery life and performance. It has 1650 watts and 180 volts of operating voltage.

The pros of this inverter are that it has 18 percent extra loading in comparison with the competition. It has a 3 stage charging and it runs for longer hours. It consumes less power and is capable of taking higher load. 

They have a 2-year warranty on their products as well.

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It has a capacity of 800 VA. It is micro controlled based intelligent control design. It has LED display indications and a CCTV technology with auto trickle mode. It has a smart overload sense and short circuit protection. It has battery state monitoring and multi stage battery charger. It also has a main input voltage range slide selection switch. 

It has a LCD display with indicators and you can use it for regular appliances. It is microcontroller based. It has a CCTV technology with auto-trickle mode and a short-circuit protection. It has a smart overload sensor and an auto-reset feature and an auto-trickle mode. 

The pros of this inverter is that it is budget friendly and you will get a 2 year warranty on this inverter. The cons are that it is not a sine-wave and it should not be used with heavy electronics appliances. It has no bypass switch.

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It can run heavy products like ACs, geysers, petrol pumps, photocopiers and dental chairs. It has an intuitive display which shows the status of mains availability, battery charging and battery level. 

It has advanced battery management which enhances the battery life up to 70%. It has an intelligent battery charging mechanism.  It has a comprehensive back up system that is suitable for all types of establishments. 

The pros of this inverter are that it can power heavy load and sensitive appliances. It is easy to install and maintain. It is eco-friendly and it does not emit noise or fumes. It provides an uninterrupted power supply and it comes with extra protection. It has a relatively long battery life. It supports different battery models and it does not require any user action and it starts automatically. It comes with alarm features, LED display features and safety features. 

The cons are that a battery is not included with this purchase. 

It costs approximately INR 10, 315 and you will get a 2 year warranty on the product.

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It has a maximum input mains charging range of 100V-290V. It has an automatic charging selection technology. It has a charging at 120V AC input. It has an automatic charging and cuts off voltage and current as per power out duration. The PFC technology saves electricity with built-in energy saver and green mode. It shutdowns in 10 hours at no load in backup mode and thus saves battery. 

The pros of Exide inverters are that it offers additional protection to the circuit board. The LCD display shows AC mains Input voltage to monitor low and high voltage. LCD display shows the actual connected load in percentage. 

The cons are that the price of the product is very high as compared to the other inverters and the fan of the inverter makes an annoying noise. Their inverters are newly launched and they have to still prove its long term performance. 

These inverters will have you sorted in case of frequent power cuts and help you get the job done at a faster rate.

Here's The Summary List of Best Inverter for Home

1.Microtek Ups 24X7 Hb 725Va Pure Sine Wave Inverter
2.Luminous Zelio 1100 VA Home UPS Inverter
3.Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA (1.1 KVA) Pure Sine Wave Inverter
4.APC Home UPS 850VA Sine
5.Exide 850VA Pure Sineware Home UPS Inverter
6.Luminous Rapid Charge 1650VA /12V Single battery Square Wave Inverter
7.Microtek Upseb 900Va Digital Square Wave Inverter
8.Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS
9.Exide ECO 1500VA Home UPS System