How to buy Microwave Oven?

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 11:02 AM
How to buy Microwave Oven?


Microwave ovens are an awesome invention which can cook, reheat, grill and bake. It can cook complete meals in minutes, defrosting frozen foods to steaming idlis, popping popcorns to grilling meat can be done at one place without overheating your kitchen. With intuitive features and simplified settings, anyone can efficiently use the microwave oven, even if they haven’t become skilled at stovetop cooking.

There are many factors you should consider before buying a microwave oven for your homes such as food habits, family size, and other good-to-have features. Below are types and information about microwave ovens which can educate and help you make a decision for a great kitchen appliance. So get reading.

Types of Microwave Ovens

  • Solo Microwave Oven

This is the most simple kind of microwave oven and it comes with a ‘microwave mode’ only. It can reheat the leftovers, thaw any foodstuff by defrosting them and cook full meals in a few minutes. It is the best handyman for those who have a time constraint or very limited cooking ability. The only drawback associated with solo microwave ovens is that they cannot grill or bake food items. These microwave ovens cost less, starting from Rs. 3,500/- to Rs. 13,000/-

  • Grill Microwave Oven

A grill microwave oven is just a solo microwave installed with heating coils so that it can be used for grilling, toasting and roasting food. The grill is installed as a mode or setting in the microwave oven and not just as a single function to it. While cooking on grill mode, you have to use a grilling plate or metal racks which brings the food closer to the heating coils. As grill microwave ovens do have the functioning of solo ones, they can be used in combination with convection and microwave to cook different variety of food items. Loaded with features for convenience, grill microwave oven are priced between Rs. 4,000/- to Rs. 45,000/-

  • Convection Microwave Oven

The convection microwave ovens work on the combination of two technologies namely; a regular microwave and convection oven. Like all the other types, this microwave oven can reheat, grill and also bake anything from cookies to cakes, pizzas to lasagne; perfect for foodies who want everything done deliciously. A convection microwave allows the food to cook through more crisp by using a heating element and fan by circulating the hot air uniformly in the microwave oven. As a result of this kind of cooking, the food gets ready slowly and becomes ‘browner’ compared to what you get from solo microwave ovens. The convection microwave ovens are a little bit on the expensive side beginning from Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 60,000/-


These being the types available in our market today; let’s consider few features that needs to be looked into:

  • The capacity of the Microwave Oven

Microwave capacity depends upon the family size and its usage. It is the measurement of how much food can be cooked at one go and is mentioned in Litres. The capacity requirement changes according to type and not based on family size. Like, for a small family, Solo microwave oven requires to be about 15-20 liters whereas the same family will require Grill or Convection type oven about 21-30litres.

Read on below table to calculate the capacity:

Family Size


Ideal Capacity

2 to 4 membersSolo Microwave Oven

15 to 20 liters

2 to 4 membersGrill or Convection Oven

21 to 30 liters

4 to 6 membersSolo Microwave Oven

25 to 30 liters

4 to 6 membersGrill or Convection Oven

32 liters and above

  • Automatic Sensors

This sensor, also known as humidity sensor, helps in determining if the food is cooked or not by measuring the steam generated in the oven. The sensor fixes the cooking time, which prevents overcooking and shuts off automatically when the food is done. Make sure that while looking for sensor feature, it also undertakes the food quantity in consideration without you having to measure it.

  • Control Panel

Mechanical controls are good for rough and heavy usage, and can be repaired whilst broken. Look out for a dial that can be used smoothly and precisely to set the timing and required temperature. Its advantage is that you can alter the settings without even interrupting the cooking. Exact timings can be set using electronic or feather panel, though these need to be used carefully.

  • Power Rating

Higher the voltage it will be more efficient and quicker. Microwaves generally have a power rating ranging from 600 to 1500 watts. If you have to cook for larger family size or quantities, then opt for microwave with a higher power. Though a difference of 100 watts doesn’t matter much. Small ovens have 600-800 watts, mid-sized ovens have 900-1200 watts, whereas larger ovens can go up to 1650 watts.

  • Auto Defrost & Steam Cooking

All the microwaves have defrosted function, but what can be better than to opt for one that has auto defrost; you only need to select the type and weight of the food, while the machine automatically selects the time and power levels to defrost it. Steam cooking is a new feature added, wherein you fill a reservoir with water and as it evaporates, the steam cooks the food as well as add moisture to it.

  • Shortcut Keys

Most microwaves, nowadays, come with automatic settings for cooking specific items such as popcorns, pizzas, pastas, idlis, oatmeals, and soups. These are called auto menus as they prompt you when the next ingredient is to be added. Most useful buttons are 1-minute or 30-second key, which you can click the number of times to set a cooking schedule.

Additional Features

  1. Child Safety Lock – It is really important to have this if you have kids running around. An electric code prevents them from accidentally operating or misusing the oven.
  2. Bi-level cooking – Microwaves now come with racks which allow two or more food items to cook simultaneously. Baking in the lower level lets heat cook food on the upper rack.
  3. Speed cook/Combination Cook – In this mode, microwave energy is used up with other heating features to cook food faster than it would take in in a skillet or traditional oven.

Before spending that hard-earned buck of yours’, keep an open eye for the above features which can be compatible and fulfill your requirements. Indulge in cooking extravagance and treat yourself with good meals.