How to buy Pressure Cooker?

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 11:03 AM
How to buy Pressure Cooker?


A pressure cooker is found is almost every kitchen in India. It is a cheap and easy way to cook healthy food quickly. Pressure-cooking needs fewer liquids than conventional stovetop cooking. Elevated temperature can be attained by cooking the dishes in a pressure cooker.

With dozens of pressure cookers available in the market, it is somewhat tricky to choose the right one that best suits your cooking needs and your budget. Here is the comprehensive guide that will help you to buy a suitable pressure cooker for your kitchen.

Decide the Model

First, you need to decide while buying a cooker is whether you need aluminum or a stainless steel mode

  • Aluminum Pressure Cookers – The major benefits of aluminum pressure cookers are that they are good conductors of heat and are very affordable, so they perform well. As aluminum is a frivolous material, an aluminum cooker does not last for a long time. Furthermore, the metal can turn out to be warped and it tends to be vulnerable to staining, as well.
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers – They are durable and strong, so these pressure cookers offer a long-lasting life. The stainless steel finish of the cooker won’t wear off. Also, stainless steel cookers are heavier and tough. However, the drawbacks of these cookers are that they are a bit expensive and are not good conductors of heat when compared to the aluminum ones.

Capacity of the Proposed Cooker

Capacity of a pressure cooker is broadly classified into three basic types, such as quad of four quarts, six quarts, as well as eight quarts. Four-quart capacity models are appropriate for cooking meals for a couple of people, whereas the six-quart ones are suitable for small families, and the eight-quart versions are perfect for big families and for those who have plans to cook huge batches of stock frequently. Usually, the size of a pressure cooker mirrors its liquid volume. Every cooker comes with the additional space for the steam that increases within it.

Look for a Cooker With Strong Handle

When a pressure cooker is filled with liquids and foods, it becomes heavy and it gets hot quickly during the cooking process. Hence, it is vital to consider a cooker with a larger and stronger handle. Moreover, the cooking device should come with handles on each side to make sure that it can be moved down safely and easily. Most branded cookers come with strong, ergonomic grips that are sufficiently large to keep the hands securely out of reach of the appliance itself.

Seek a Cooker With Rapid Pressure Release System

Even though the pressure cooker releases the pressure manually, it is better to look for a version that is designed with a rapid pressure release system. This is because diverse recipes need the pressure to be discharged in dissimilar ways. In some situations, the pressure has to be discharged swiftly and fully, so the cooking appliance has to be positioned in the cold water. In some other situations, the pressure can be allowed to drop naturally, so the cooker can just be left behind pending the pressure is released totally.

Look for Cover Interlock Mechanisms

As the pressurized steam can be extremely hazardous, it is important to buy a pressure cooker that is designed with a cover interlock system. High-quality cookers will not start accumulating pressure unless their covers are securely locked. Likewise, the cover locks will not open until the pressure has dropped to a protected level. Some pressure cookers have extra mechanisms that make them simple to check if the pressure has been discharged or not.

Consider Base Material of the Pressure Cooker

Branded pressure cookers usually come with double-metal or triple-metal bottoms, which are usually made of aluminum, which considerably reduces the hazard of scorching. These pressure cookers are also easy to clean.

Consider Interior Material

The interior of some pressure cookers comes with the non-stick feature, which is not a good characteristic. The non-stick covering will not hold up well when exposed to the types of pressures that are entailed with this kind of cooking. Moreover, most cooks cannot use pressure cookers with the non-stick interior, which makes things more complex.

Seek a Cooker With Cooking Racks and Baskets

Most branded pressure cookers come with cooking racks and baskets to allow users for superior control and flexibility. Foods can be placed on the rack or in the basket to keep them away from liquids. They can also be used to separate the ingredients from mixing with one another, which generates better tastes, as well.

Finding the ideal pressure cooker for your cooking needs depends on the type, material, and features. Besides these, choosing a cooker with the right capacity allows you to satisfy the catering needs of your family. For a better safe cooking experience, it is wise to choose a pressure cooker with long and stronger handles. Moreover, several pressure cookers are designed to be washed in dishwashers, which considerably cuts down on the quantity of effort and time that is required to keep them clean.