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UNIX RAY@unixraykgp
Jul 17, 2022 10:03 PM, 776 Views
Manali - Leh - Manali through Adventure Nation

I am yet to finish the trip yet I cant wait to share what I been through with Adventure Nation.

1. Booked trip to Ladakh months ago. Paid booking amount of Rs 1000 per head. And it was confirmed that if we cancel the trip 1000 is non-refundable and obvio no need to pay the balance. I personally asked that when do I need to pay the balance amount as the trip date is nearby to which the concerned person replied you pay at your own convenience no issues at all. Few days later another person came to picture whose name is Mr Ravi and he started behaving differently. At the time of booking, we were around 7 but few cancelled and similarly, I intimated them to which Mr Ravi suddenly asked me to pay cancellation charges for the people who cancelled the trip even after I was told to chill and pay at my own convenience. Later I found out from others that they paid their balance amount few days before the trip started. No uniformity of system.

2. We booked a bike trip so obviously I had questions regarding the road conditions to which the info I received was completely different from the actual situation. False Information provided to clients.

3. No details were provided to us beforehand. We were getting stay details and travelling details on the date of travel from one place to another. Casual approach and no system in place to deal with clients and their tour plans.

4. Every info required from the trip was asked for and we had to literally beg for the details. Customer Care runs in negative for AN.

5. Every stay provided to us was far away from the central position of that place obvio for cost curtailment. Poor way of budgeting.

6. We were asked to bring only jackets. Rest biking gears would be provided by the company itself. On the date of travelling, we were informed that we have to pay extra for them.

7. We were mailed to pay 3000 extra for bike trip for 11 days. We were provided bikes for 3 days only (supposedly it was some Ladakh and Manali bike union issue but the amount was not refunded - neither package balance amount nor 3000)

8. Although the decision was made by the union that bike of Manali won’t be allowed in Ladakh on 25th June, we were intimated the same on 6th July. Ladakh bike trip is a dream to many. It requires planning in every detail and it was so casual for adventure nation to just say it’s cancelled without planning for any alternative routes such as from Shimla or bike alteration at Sarchu or as an inconvenience penalty of refunding a part of booking amount.

9. After repeated asking for stay and travel details at each places Mr Raghav of adventure nation has the audacity to be cocky and say Have a Good Night Sleep Sir...your details will be shared in the morning and it will be decided by the union. This is what you are paying for if you are planning to book a trip with Adventure nation. They are the masters of cutting calls in between...switching their phones off in need.

10. We were told that we would have road captains and doctors in assistance along with mechanics for the entire trip. What we got was an Isuzu driver from Leh who will be on his car and will lead. Weird!

11. The driver we received from Manali was a great driver but had no idea about the routes. We had to ask each army point to reach to our destined place. We were said by Mr Aman that the driver will be our bestest of buddy and has full knowledge about the terrain.

12. A team briefing is a must on these kind of trips but Mr Aman had something more important to do which was to play badminton so he had to hurry and was also trying to postpone the meeting to the next day which was our start day of the trip.

To all the viewers who have gone through my review will understand that the team of Adventure Nation had no idea what they are up to. There were multiple points of contact but not a single point where we could rely on. Everyone was busy passing the ball to the other person. If you are really looking for a trip with full package so that there’s no hassle in arranging the trip for you then Adventure Nation is a big NO NO.

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