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Puja Gupta@pujagupta109
Jun 16, 2022 05:55 PM, 1233 Views
(Updated Jun 29, 2022)
Fake promises and very poor services

It is forever difficult to work with this team and get a desired booking. It’s definitely the worst 1.5 lakhs I have ever spent. The sales team had promised big names including Hilton, Hyatt, Leela, ITC and the like, but when we ask for booking we never get the desired property.

They do offer 4 or 5 stars but I guess less popular and cheap ones and distant from the city or whatever they find cheap and convenient for them I guess. The sales team had also promised that if dissatisfied, full refund will be entertained, but when we ask for it they throw the contract on us which they made us sign in so much haste while selling the package.

I have tried multiple times to plan something with them and every time it is overly stressful and disappointing at the end. We are not even able to see a list of properties they have on any portal or website from which we can choose. It works through email and on every request they offer stingily 1 or 2 ridiculous options for us to choose from.

Their sales team use downright lies to make packages sell. There are no audits on them. In my opinion, the entire company should be sued as they are so unethical. People who have received good services from them once or twice, I am telling you it’s only by chance. And the trouble you have gone through in the booking process is the case every time.

All of you out there who have had experiences similar to mine, please contact me. Together we can do something about it. Go to consumer court, let’s not let them get away with this fraud and do this to more and more people. Together we can prevent this and there is hope for us to get our hard earned money back.

I am reposting my edited review. I took this down earlier as at that time this reservations team called me and told me they will serve better and begged me to take down the review and for the time did provide me with a good option. So when we arm twist them, maybe they are able to serve but never otherwise.

If they are a good company at all, shouldn’t they return the money to dissatisfied clients right? If you have so many good clients for truth, then let the unhappy ones go. That many would agree is how you build a strong and reliable business.

People with similar experiences as mine, please reach a page dedicated to fight our violated rights. together we can do something about this and put a stop to this fraud.

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