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Fairbeat Goat Milk Soap
Haseena Noor@hhayanoor1234
Apr 25, 2017 07:29 PM, 9251 Views
Fairbeat Goat Milk soap loss fairness with this..

I used this soap for fairness and as the name indicating that it will give the effects of goat milk but seriously it doesnot have such results if u use it.

Instead it will make your skin more darker and harsh or dried.

Dont use this soap. Its the combination of many different chemicals which leaves bad effects on skin.

There is no goad milk and vitamins included as they claim. Because I have never seen such positive results after using this soap.

No doubt it is very cheap but the important is that how to protect our skin and how to avoid those all products that cause bad effects on our skin so just avoid this soap. It donot show such results as they claimed.

Also its fragnance is not very good and it does not remain for long time.

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