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Mohit Khanna@mohitxp947
Jun 08, 2022 11:58 AM, 3190 Views
(Updated Jun 08, 2022)
Hopeless 3 Years Complete Protection Plan-Flipkart

I want to share my story of fraud done by Flipkart and Jeeves with regard to my Flipkart MarQ TV purchased on 09-Aug-2019(Flipkart order no OD116221047053323000) along with 3 Years Complete Protection Plan. My TV got out of order on 31st March 2022 for which I raised the service request with Jeeves. Jeeves technician visited my residence and informed me the Power PCB card has some issues and needs to be replaced. Jeeves technician visited my house thrice but was not able to fix the issue as they were using either repaired or non-genuine spares.

Finally, on 16th April 2022, another technician visited with another Card. This time TV started working and asked me to sign the report. This is the biggest mistake I did as the TV stopped working within 2 hours of repair on the same day. I called the technician and informed him that the TV stopped working again. He asked me to raise the service request again. I raised the service request again with Jeeves. After waiting for several days, I called Jeeves to get an update and Jeeves told me they are unable to get the card and hence they will not be able to repair it and asked me to accept 70% of the cost of purchase of the TV which is Rs.8583. I accepted this proposal and asked them to process it but on the next day they told me that they have repaired the TV once on 16th Apr 2022(this repair worked only for two hours) so they will deduct Rs. 3190 from my refund and will pay only Rs. 5393.

I raised the protest against this fraud and did a lot of follow-ups with Flipkart and Jeeves to pay the full amount i.e., Rs. 8583 as this TV is under 3 years complete protection plan(Under this plan I am entitled to get N number of repairs free of charge). Flipkart and Jeeves just kept on lingering the issue and ultimately gave me Rs. 5393 today i.e. 07-Jun-2022 and cheated me for Rs. 3190 which I never expected from Flipkart.

I have learned following lessons learned from this episode: -

• Never sign the report on the same day of repair on the technician’s request and asked them to wait for some days. After running the TV for at least 20 days then only close your service request.

• Never trust the Plans sold along with TV by Flipkart as they hide the important Terms and conditions for example they sold me the 3 Years Complete protection plan without mentioning that one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included in this plan which means effectively you get 2 years of protection plan or extended warranty.

• Do not buy Jeeves services as this is a total fraud company. It seems they use are non-genuine spare parts.

• Lastly don’t buy costly items like TV of Flipkart Brand as it seems they get these manufactured by non-standard manufacturers who are using inferior quality components resulting in frequent trouble and a very low overall life. In my case TV has given me service hardly for around 2 and a half years.

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