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Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites, Nehru Place, Delhi
Monika Tandon@monikatandon1975
Jun 22, 2022 11:56 AM, 810 Views
(Updated Jun 22, 2022)
Caution - Advice for the prospective members

We purchased the membership last month. I have a word of advice for the new members.

1. Record every conversation which takes place.

2. Ask them to write everything they promise and make them sign it.

3. Read the contract carefully. You will find clauses like " Subject to availability, which is a trap"

4. Take list of hotels on their panel from them before making the payment.

5. Take in writing from them that you will get booking if the request is made 15 days in advance.

6. Take phone numbers of reservation team members and also of their seniors. (I have been asking for the number of the senior management but they are not sharing the same. They don’t let you meet the top management.)

Reasons for these words of caution- After you get the membership- the reservation team denies all your previous communications with the sales team and says openly "Verbal communications have no value"

Sales team will show you 5-star hotels, which they don’t have contracts with. You ask for list of hotels on their panel- They will say "we will send you the list" but they will never send you the list. (I have been asking for the list since a month now)

They have some good hotels mentioned on their website but those are just for luring the new clients. We have been asking for a hotel in Aerocity for 4 weeks now. They have 4 hotels in Aerocity on their website but for the last 4 weeks their standard reply is "No availability. Get a hotel in Ghaziabad or Sahibabad"

At the time of buying the membership, they had assured us bookings in any hotel of our choice if booked 15 days in advance but their reservation team denies this and has a standard reply "Bookings not available, take some other hotel"

Be careful. With regards to the membership- If what they promise is true, it’s a very good deal. But unfortunately, that’s not the fact. Sales and reservation teams speak a different language. They both are trained accordingly.

We are stuck after making a payment hence a word of caution for others.

If your taste is of mediocre hotels- 2-3 star category hotels, go for the membership. But if you are looking for quality hotels- 4-5 star category, this membership is not for you.

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