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HCL Technologies Ltd
Jul 16, 2022 05:28 PM, 10808 Views

The only Pro about the company is name starts with Hindustan.


1. NO increment

The first year I received spectacular increment of Rs 63 (Rs sixty three only) in my salary. This was added into the allowance. Unless you are in AVP, VP, SVP line, don’t expect much increment.

2. Notice period 90 days, won’t talk much as all Indian companies love their employees to not let them go before 90 days.

3. They show the big allowances in offer letter, some of the components added are like you have to earn it through project or won’t get it. For example, BHA bright hour allowance, small amount to add into the offer letter to balloon your package, but paid to those only who work at night hours or early morning hours.

4. Snooping - Sapience software installed on all machines, they won’t tell you this in interviews but only after joining. It records everything, even if you do a google search to find nearby pet shop, open an email, open word document etc.

5. Paid Leave

18 paid leaves, I didn’t get this info from HR until I joined. Asked them multiple times but they didn’t revert. The company I left had 28 days paid leave.

6. NO referral bonus - Lala company won’t pay anything to their employees for referrals, though would waste lakhs to pay to consultant to get candidates.

7. Multiple bonuses in offer letter, HR claims to pay almos 100% for all of them but don’t go by their words, you won’t get even 90% of it.

8. If you miss any timesheet during month, won’t get salary for that month. So if you have home loan emi, car emi etc, company doesn’t care and they would go ahead and won’t pay salary for that month. Will be paid next month only after approval by manager.

9. HR implements org wide Telephone charges up to Rs 1000 reimbursement during COVID, project managers would sit for months to approve, at the end when you call them to approve, they ask to cancel the request myself as project LOB cannot allocate resources for it. So ultimately I had to recall these requests.

10. You get stupid miles numbers for all efforts as part of reward, this reward mile number goes into thousands but when it comes to redeeming, almost impossible to get money as there is no option to redeem. Keep on collecting these points for nothing, I had over 29K points when I left after 2 years. For 20K points we get USD10 gift card but after approval from n number of people.

11. In a sarkaari school, you get a box of sweets with 2 laddoo during independence day or republic day or Diwali, you don’t get even a peanut in HCL, you will get spam emails though from higher management.

12. No salary in the month when you resign. You get paid this as part of Full and final settlement. If salary goes into few lakhs, you miss the interest, emi costs etc for that month, plan your resignation accordingly. Ultimately when you get FnF after 50 days, they have good amount to make some deduction like variable payment paid for that year every month or deduct Employee engagement bonus which is part of offer letter but they recover it without intimation. I resigned in June, they amended the policy in Aug, and hence when I left in Sept, they took away 74K month from FnF settlement saying this is for 5 months of EPB paid to me along with salary.

13. Finance dept rejects your income tax declaration during notice period and final settlement, to make sure they deduct maximum income tax from your FnF statement. Anyways, they don’t need to submit this amount to IT dept until Dec 15, so they can enjoy interest on this free money for 3-4-5 months.

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