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Jul 09, 2022 03:22 PM, 2993 Views
Please don't go with homelane

Customer ID: Pun-P-3000508120

I would like to share my experience taking service from Homelane. So it all started from one day visit to your office and one of your sales person convince to us that you are the best. Tricks started from that day itself.

• Sales Trick – You can utilize your time to finalize the design before you get your flat delivered.

My experience – There is no such thing you have; your designer is even not entertained to discuss anything with us. She was full of excuses and if you say something then simple answer is to have word with my manager.

• Design work – So when we visited the flat with your designer, we explain on site everything and ask her to start work and bring some initial design. My expectation.

My experience – When I asked the same, she said no first you finalize everything then we start working. This is our process I can’t come a draft design and then you will ask to change. I expect some creativity from your designer but no, she doesn’t want.

Then we escalate the things and got another designer (Meghana) and she supported us nicely though out and at least this problem was resolved.

• Delivery of product – I expect someone will be at site to receive material. Also, there is a person who will check deliverables and quality.

My Experience –

• The material is delivered outside of my house. In fact, my neighbor took it under custody otherwise someone else can take it and you wouldn’t have clue where things were.

• No one is there to check what is ordered and what is delivered, you can check we have 2 replacements. I asked carpenter to not to install but no one is there to listen, they are robot without checking actual things they just wanted to install.

• Carpenter job – Fix the furniture and clean it properly.

My Experience – I felt robots were there and doing their job, without thinking whether the given furniture is having some problem or not.

I can show you slab where I found issue, they still installed it.

I can see some bubbles on kitchen rack they least bother about it.

Your team asked me to raise a ticket via writing a mail but nothing happen after that.

I complaint to team that hanging rode is missing in one of the shelves but no response.

Kids room wardrobe is continued making noise, I told this to the carpenter he did something and problem solved but again same issue, don’t know whether they got the real issue.

• Electricity job – Will do all the necessary changes as expected and if anything, additional is needed he should inform us upfront.

My experience – He visited on site and give us quantity. We brought all and delivered it his location so that in our absence he can work.

• Later after installation he said need more adaptors and calculated again. Today I can see that 1 adaptor is still needed to put some lights at the entrance.

• In design it is clearly mentioned one hanging point in M Bedroom but there is no provision.

• He didn’t make through the connection for some of the points and today I need to pay 500 to electrician to make that connection work.

• Also the switches he activated I always thought that switch near the regulator is for Fan but your electrician change the concept and make it 2 next.

Deep cleaning – The way it was explained that you will have a clean house.

My experience –

• The guy came for cleaning I can see he was forcefully asked to come and that’s where he wants to finish things fast

• Till today I can see many paint stains today.

• No furniture clear at all.

• I tried to escalate but the reply I got it resource crunch. So I have started doing myself.

Only experience which I got which is up to mark is Painting. He was supportive and understanding and value my time.

Rest all mentioned points are open and I expect remain.

So it is all about my experience and what I can see

• Clear negligence in quality and delivery.

• No seriousness towards work and timeline of customer

• Take full payment upfront so that later customers will not have anything to force.

I know now you will have lots of excuses and try to find where is my mistake. So I welcome to hear this. I know nothing will change but though of bringing in your notice and to other customers (putting this on Twitter, FB and Insta) who are planning to take services from you.

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