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IKEA, Bangalore
Indrajeet Roy@indrajeet369
Jun 20, 2022 09:40 PM, 2950 Views
Bangalore IKEA review

Review on IKEA Nagasandra Bengaluru. The facility invited all members on 19th June, Sunday before official launch. We visited with excitement and discovered its a complete mismanaged and unlike professional staff in Hyderabad.

1. After we entered the escalator stopped suddenly with jerk and my 3 year old kid fall down with injury. The staff saw and said sorry for the inconvenience caused rather than addressing the electrical fault or flagging the same (although she was holding a walkie-talkie). We shared the concern to address the electrical fix so that other people don’t face the same but she was not bothered. Luckily we were moving up, if the escalator would have been stopped whilst moving down it would have been a big accident.

2. We were invited on a particular time slot, but when we checked with other visitors it seems no one followed the time all dropped-in as per their time which created a chaos.

3. Went to the food counter and the supervisor responsible to manage the queue was continuously busy on his cell phone and chatting with another staff. Once entered, the kitchen staff were also slow in serving and wondering how to cater. Few went inside to bring plates and returned after 10 mins by the time there were a long queue lined up.

4. Once we got the seat, looked for a microwave to warm the soup which was been served almost cold, when asked the staff they replied the microwave is not working and to manage with the same soup.

5. When went to coffee m/c the machine went off and no one bothered to address and was directed to another machine. None of the staff responds politely and all were so busy interacting among themself as of its a first job they got.

6. While having food we discovered someone took away the trolley to keep back the plates, went to another staff and asked to share a trolley, and the staff responded in local language asking me to go and stand back into the queue with anger.

7. Went to furniture section to customise the wardrobe, there were 3 staff on table and all struggling with computer. After 15 min of wait to understand one person asked us to come back after 15 more min as the actual counter operator went on break.

8. Improper sinages to exits. When checked with few security folks standing near fire exit as help showing the direction to exit, the security directed us to wrong direction showing entry inside. Finally few like minded other customer with family we came together and figured to exit outside.

9. There is no mobile network found inside so if you leave behind your family member you can’t reach them over phone.

The complete setup and facility seemed messed up and unorganised with fresher non trained, non professional staffs. Only few overseas supervisor/management staff were roaming around and all were busy impressing them which was very clearly visible by all other customers as well.

It’s a complete mismanagement and bitter experience. Hyderabad and Mumbai IKEA is very nicely managed with professional staff. Electrical safety is also a concern where we observed many open cables laid down.

Best wishes to IKEA bangalore with such non professional staff and mismanaged crowd.

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