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Jio Fiber
Jul 09, 2022 01:13 PM, 4064 Views
Weak router; designed for small single level area

Reliance io Fiber installed their brand new infrastructure 2 weeks ago. I thought why not try them. BIG MISTAKE!

I ordered Jio Fiber via their channel partner and got the connection completed on 7th July 2022(150 Mbps). It only took one day to assess the real image and culture of Reliance and turned off the connection on 9th July 2022. Here’s why…

1. Primary reason:- Their attitude toward customer is appalling, to say the least. This begins right from channel partners and probably goes all the way up. Customer care or their loyalty is their least priority right now, probably because they have a sizable market under their control even with their current attitude

2. Their Fiber design is good for a small single level home(typically apartments) probably around 1000 sq.ft. This area is the sweet spot for the router. Anything beyond this area would mean that you will have live with greatly reduced speed. How do I know this? - I have ACT Fibernet router(4 year old) and brand new 2022 Jio router on the same location - First floor. The download speed I get on ground floor using Jio is 28–33 Mbps(150 Mbps connection). ACT Fibernet gets me 68 Mbps. Both on 2.4 Ghz. Forget 5 Ghz downstairs. I am a big believer in antennae. Jio router has none. The best of jio router design will fare extremely poorly against any average router available online via flipkart or Amazon. If you are promised incredible speeds - the only way you could achieve them is to have the router tied around your neck.

I am gone forever as far as Reliance is concerned and they don’t care. I am aware - so no love lost. I have decided to keep ACT Fibernet and try Airtel after a month or so. The deal in India is you have to choose among the worst service providers.

Reliance Jio Fiber in my opinion is undoubtedly THE WORST(ref primary reason). I hope this "word of mouth" spreads and at least a few desist from getting Jio Fiber.

My current provider ACT is also really bad(unreliable) - but they know how to treat a customer and they do get browny points for that along. So I am keeping them - for now.

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