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Jugjugg Jeeyo
Fenil Seta@fenil_seta
Jun 24, 2022 09:52 AM, 966 Views
Another CRAZY Family Entertainer from Raj Mehta!

Producer Karan Johar released 4 films in the post pandemic period. Out of these, 3 of them – Gunjan Saxena, Shershaah and Gehraiyaan – were released directly on OTT. The fourth film, Sooryavanshi, was not an out-and-out Dharma film. Hence, JugJugg Jeeyo is his first real release in cinemas post-pandemic. His last theatrical release was Good Newwz. It was directed by Raj Mehta who has also helmed JugJugg Jeeyo. And just like Good Newwz, Raj Mehta’s second directorial is also a crazy family entertainer!

The story of the movie: Kuldeep Saini aka Kuku(Varun Dhawan) has been dating Naina(Kiara Advani) since childhood. They get married, much to the happiness of Kuku’s family, comprising his father Bheem(Anil Kapoor), mother Geeta(Neetu Kapoor) and sister Ginni(Prajakta Koli). Naina’s parents, too, give their blessings and so does Naina’s brother Gurpreet(Maniesh Paul), who is also Kuku’s best friend. Five years later, Kuku and Naina shift to Toronto, Canada after the latter gets a work opportunity. Kuku tries adjusting but fails. He takes up the job of a bouncer and is unhappy in life. This creates a rift in their marriage and they decide to separate. They are supposed to fly back to India for Ginni’s wedding. They conclude that they’ll inform everyone about their plans of divorce after Ginni ties the knot. Kuku and Naina land in India and are warmly welcomed by Bheem, Geeta, Ginni and Gurpreet, as they are oblivious that their marriage is on the rocks. Naina, meanwhile, gets a promotion in New York. She is supposed to join sooner than expected. Hence, she insists Kuku break the news of their divorce earlier than planned. Kuku decides to have a drinking session with his father and tell him the truth, with the hope that Bheem will handle the situation. The father and son sit down to drink. Before Kuku could open up about his divorce plans, Bheem confesses that he has decided to separate from his mother.

JugJugg Jeeyo starts on a cute note. The film drops in the Toronto sequence and even during Ginni’s engagement sequence. However, it picks up once Bheem reveals that he wants to divorce Geeta. From here on, the film goes on another level. The scene where Gurpreet tells Kuku that Bheem has turned into a ‘tharki’ will bring the house down. The bachelor party sequence is engaging and also how Raj Mehta also focuses on what’s happening with Naina and Ginni at the same time is quite arresting. The intermission sequence is terrific and sets the tone for the second half. Post-interval, the director wastes no time as he introduces a huge confrontational sequence at the very onset. From hereon, the film oscillates between dramatic and funny sequences.

Varun Dhawan looks quite dashing and his performance is first rate. What’s praiseworthy is that he’s not only playing the typical hero. Yet, he slips into the part beautifully. Kiara Advani looks stunning and proves that she’s growing as a performer with each film. She especially shines in the second half. Anil Kapoor is the life of the film and brings the house down with his comic timing. But his character is not just raising laughs and in the emotional scenes, he’s flawless. Neetu Kapoor underplays her part and leaves a mark in several places in the second half. Maniesh Paul is the funniest part of the film and will be loved. Prajakta Koli is lovely and manages to maintain a strong position amidst so many talented actors. Tisca Chopra(Meera) is apt for the part. The actors playing Balwinder, Gaurav and Kuku’s Toronto friend are decent. Elnaaz Norouzi is fine in the item song.

The music is one of the USPs of the film.’The Punjaabban Song’ is enticing.’Rangisari’, played at the end credits, is soulful and shot beautifully.’Dupatta’ works because it comes at a crucial point.’Nain Ta Heere’ is okay and mainly works due to the visuals. John Stewart Eduri’s background score is rich and enhances impact in several scales.

Jay I Patel’s cinematography is appropriate. The focus is more on the story and not on the locales of Punjab. Sukant Panigrahy’s production design is rich. Eka Lakhani’s costumes are appealing, especially the ones worn by Kiara Advani. Manish More’s editing is neat as the pacing of the film is just right.

Anurag Singh’s story is entertaining and has all the trappings of a fun-filled family entertainer. Anurag Singh, Sumit Batheja and Rishhabh Sharrma’s screenplay(additional screenplay by Neeraj Udhwani) is very tight. The narrative is peppered with hilarious and emotional moments in such a way that viewers won’t feel bored even for a moment. The writers deserve kudos as the humour springs out at the most unexpected places. Rishhabh Sharrma’s dialogues are too funny and in confrontational scenes, the one-liners are sharp.

Raj Mehta’s direction is supreme. His earlier film Good Newwz also dealt with two couples in an unusual situation. JugJugg Jeeyo is in the same zone but here, the couples are inter-related to each other and that makes it even more entertaining. His execution is also quite simple and hence, the film is easy to understand for multiplex as well as single-screen audiences. On the flipside, the goings-on becomes emotionally too heavy in the second half. A significant plot point in the finale is difficult to digest.

Some of the best scenes of the film:

- Kuku proposes to Naina

- Kuku and Bheema’s drinking session

- Kuku’s conversation with Bheem, Geeta, Naina and Ginni a day after the drinking session

- Gurpreet tells Kuku that Bheem is a ‘tharki’

- The intermission point

- Geeta finds out the truth

- The hospital sequence

- Bheem and Gurpreet enter Kuku-Naina’s bedroom from the window

- The temple sequence

- Naina and Geeta have a conversation over wine

- Bheem at Meera’s house

On the whole, JugJugg Jeeyo is a fun-filled entertainer that would be loved for its performances, plot, humour and strong emotional moments in the second half. At the box office, it has the potential to draw audiences in hordes and emerge as one of the biggest hits of the year. Recommended!

My rating - 3.5/5!

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