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Kasautii Zindagii Kay
Wear Glasses
Oct 16, 2004 10:24 PM, 7239 Views
(Updated Nov 02, 2008)
Good or bad?

These days, there are a lot of reviews flowing in, and I felt like adding my own 25 cents on MouthShut, so here I am and this is what I chose.


Two years ago,

I saw Kasautii Zindagii Kay (weird spelling) and snorted. There was this one big-eyed crying female, and this blind girl who clings to her father’s leg. There was also Vishaka, who fell in love with the big-eyed female’s ex-boyfriend. And guess what, guess what! The big-eyed female is actually now her stepmom! Oh, horrors! What could be worse? I’ll tell you.

This vamp in sleeveless saris and with these big black circles around her eyes, who comes and tells Vish that she was the big-eyed female’s ex-boyfriend’s wife! Naturally, she is sad. To make matters worse, Vish’s real mom comes and says that the big-eyed female (known as Prerna) and her weirdo ex-boyfriend (called Anurag) had a child, and they weren’t married! How heart-wrenching! And then Vish’s dad Mr Bajaj (even his wife calls him that) goes to Australia, has an accident, and gets paralyzed. Everyone thinks he’s dead, but Vish’s mom (known as Menaka) captures him! Music in the background like squealing puppies. Then Menaka gets Prerna and Anurag together.

After a lot of sobbing, and crying, and flashbacks, they both agree and they get married. Of course, the vamp (known as Komolika or Nika says some stupid stuff. Then Mr Bajaj comes back (oh no, he’s back again!) and the kid dies. Anurag thinks Prerna is having an affair with him and she’s pregnant with Mr Bajaj’s kid. Well, he divorces her, and this new female comes in, known as Aporna. She marries Anurag, and then, after Prerna walks in on the two of them doing something, the show goes ahead 8 years. This little girl Sneha comes in, who looks around five.

Prerna wears salwar kameezes and has a ponytail and wears dorky glasses (like mine). Anurag finally discovers gel, and his wife Aporna finally gets a haircut, then decides to wrap it up in a bun. Komolika comes in with hair extensions. Mr Bajaj just puts some more powder in his hair and adds some little glasses.

After months, everyone finds out that Sneha is Anurag?s kid, and then they find out she has luekaemia. Horrifying, but haven?t we seen this before? And then they can?t find a bone marrow donor, so Aporna decides that Anurag and Prerna have yet ANOTHER kid so its bone marrow can be given to Sneha, etc.

Anyways, after arguing for some time, Anurag and Prerna finally give in, and? Did you see that scene? I had nightmares for a week? So, as planned, Prerna is pregnant, and everyone is happy. Then there is this whole confusion if Aporna is Suchitra or if she isn?t. She is, but she really isn?t, and that stuff. And my prediction that she would turn evil, went ? well, flat.

But, no need to despair, as Aporna finally murders Anurag with this kitchen-knife (remember the scenes in which she was chopping veggies with the same one?) and goes and kisses Dabu, her first husband. Then she makes use of glycerine, and then, when she gets Anurag?s money, she starts to wear a wig and a black dress. She mouths off at everyone, and Sneha (who witnessed the murder) is scared of her. Then, she starts to see Anurag?s ghost. But, Anurag is alive, and he?s just scaring her, and Dabo is his best friend!

Aporna is scared at night, but in the day she?s as reckless as ever. She traps poor Komolika, and tries to kill, but only manages one murder, and that too of a small character. But then Mr Bajaj finds out about Anurag, and everyone is sad as Mr Bajaj gets this attitude. But then, we find out that Menaka?s baby sis, Madhvi, is evil too! And she wants to kill Mr Bajaj! But then, that was coming for a long time?after Aporna, we?ve learned to tell good from bad.

Actors and Characters

Prerna (Shweta Tiwari) ? seems to have nothing to do but to get pregnant and have flashbacks about Anurag. Shweta Tiwari has taken off her glasses now. She is still jealous if any female looks at Mr Bajaj, but she cannot stop dreaming about Anurag.

Anurag (Cezanne Khan) ? Acted pathetically in sad scenes, but the scene when Aporna killed him, he acted pretty good, and it takes a lot of patience to put on exactly the same makeup and clothes each other day.

Aporna (Gitanjali Tikekar) ? Came in as Just Another Plain Jane, is going out an evil, pretty vamp. Before, she was a bit pathetic ? just average, but now she is acting brilliantly, and her facial expressions have improved.

Rishab Bajaj (Ronit Roy) ? Acts well, and he can act sarcastic.

Komolika (Urvashi Dholakia) ? Looks good, but she sometimes overacts, pointing her fingers into the camera and shouting at pathetic Indronil. P.S. that tomboy wig is really funny, and those of you who believe it?s real, check her out in Kahiin to Hoga!

Madhvi Bose (Sonal Sehgal) She wasn?t the original choice, but I think she does justice to the role.

Baba (Dipak Qazir) ? overacts sometimes, but all in all a good actor.

The Family: OK, but Kannu Gill always suspects Prerna.

Jyoti (Poonam Joshi) Poonam rarely makes an appearance, only once in two or three months, but she always makes some comment (she doesn?t know current events, see) that hurt the main characters.

Sneha (Shreya) ? Acts well, but looks five, and speaks like the age of 10.

My Likes and Dislikes

Basically, Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a good show. It certainly is addictive, and Aporna certainly adds some masala to the show. I make it a point to watch it if I can, because Ayushmaan, while good, is simply not addictive. I think people agree, even if on the outside, they call me a sick weirdo. I am getting sick of it, though; Anurag comes every other day, and it has no effect on Aporna, who is as bitchy as ever. Plus, the flashbacks are annoying.

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