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Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza
Surya Kiran@brat1234
Jun 14, 2018 10:23 PM, 4028 Views
Maruti Failed to Accept Technical Fault

Dear friends and owners(Present and future) of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza please go through the incident of 20 Jun 17 and be aware of a situation which may happen to you too.

One of my close family friend was a proud owner of Vitara Brezza ZDI+ car. In Jun 2017, the car caught fire in his garage in PUNE in static condition and got completely burnt. The eye witness of the incident saw the fire originating from the car and spreading to other items which include my valuables, computer and a two wheeler kept in the same garage. Thanks to the fire fighters who managed to confine the fire within the garage. Seeing the picture you can imagine the extent of fire. There was no electrical short circuit or any inflammable items inside the garage. The most likely cause of fire as per me and my friend was technical fault in the car as he was staying inside a very restricted area without any trespassers. Similar kind of fire has occurred in a Vitara Brezza ZDI+ model in March 2017 in Ajmer.

The response from Maruti was very poor wherein the technical team came to investigate the fire after 13 days and without any instrument or sample collection and named it as external fire. Similar kind of answers were given in Ajmer fire case too. He has appealed the same in consumer court and hoping like anything to get justice. The fire not only resulted loss of property close to 20 lakh but also mental harassment. Thanks to the almighty that at the time of fire, none was inside the car. You can imagine what will happen if someone face the situation being inside the vehicle.

In addition to the above he had carried out forensic investigation for the fire. The report has come which says the most probable cause of the fire was technical malfunction.

The appeal to Maruti Suzuki India is:

  1. The investigation was evidently insufficient as your team of two’experts’ carried out the inspection only visually after a full 13 days from the date of incident.

  2. It is but natural that you will avoid to take the blame since that may involve a recall and the related hassles, but is it fair on us consumers?

  3. Even your customer care is reluctant on replying to my mails for 2 weeks straight. Let alone any person in authority paying heed to the situation.

It is my request that this message be circulated as much as possible so that giants like these do not continue to loot common people of their peace of mind and pockets.

This is the link of Ajmer car fire .

Though the case is under jurisdiction it is requested that all of you should be aware of it. Being a tech guy, I know any vehicle can have technical issue. The manufacturer should accept the fact and replace the vehicle and pay for the losses and rectify the same lot of vechicle. A good example of Jeep compass where in all new Jeep Compass we’re called back and faulty passenger Air Bag was replaced. Good show Jeep company. Maruti should learn the same. No shame in accepting the Fault and rectifying it rather just for publicity fear ignoring the consumer safety.

Rest up to u guys to decide.

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