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Masina Hospital
Byculla, Mumbai



Masina Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai
Jul 01, 2022 02:32 AM, 1697 Views
(Updated Jun 06, 2023)
Terribly Ignorant Doctors! Patient Objectification

This is 2022. The Doctors in Masina are relatively uneducated! They only treat patients with Benzos, SSRIs, ECTs, Antipsychotics, Lithium & Sernase. They have no other ammunition for treatment purposes. There is an utter lack of comprehension on the part of the doctors about the illness being faced by the patient and the patient is often objectified and nullified. There is a lot a physical and psychological Force being used against the patient as the patient is always perceived to be incompetent.

To top it off the guards and the mama’s working there are horrible. Two of them, Prasad and Ganesh Toka would keep syphoning out bribes from patients and telling them rotten things about meeting prostitutes after their release, which is an utter shame. The doctors don’t do anything about this! There is an absolute lack of control on the part of the doctors and patients get regularly traumatized and induced with fear by the uneducated staff guards.

On many occasions, the Guards Ganesh Toka and Sagar have beaten up the patients and then the next day due to the cognitive impairment caused by the ECT the patient again forgets the pain inflicted by the guards and the process repeats itself. What Madness is this?!

This Guard Ganesh Toka is truly a MONSTER! It just shows what a lack of education can culminate into, a bribe-hoarding, fear-inducing, lethargic monster! An Absolute terror to society, terrorists to be precise. Once after a patient got beat up and I complained, the doctor just said that "these things happen" and nothing was done to remove this monster, Ganesh.

The Nurses are picked off from the Slums and they don’t even know how to give an intravenous injection properly. I was pricked 8 times once and the injection was still not properly administered. What a Horror Show!

The Doctors know how to use complicated vocabulary to sound smart but they lack the essence of compassion and right care towards the patient. This is the case with all the doctors out there. They take pride in their position they couldn’t care if the patient breaks down into tears completely, a patient that psychologically breaks completely and that is exactly the only thing that they are trying to achieve there. They just want to break you down psychological. They do nothing but to add to your collection of negative memories, this is the case with Dr. Natasha, Dr. Sheeba and Dr. Priyanka Mahajan. They see patients in agony crying so often that they no longer are affected by their emotional state and no there is no sympathy or affection shown towards the patient. Zero Compassion, Zero commiseration, zero feeling. They run over the feelings of the patient with a’monster truck’ only to prove themselves as smart and competent doctors and to prove their points. How ridiculous is this?!

The Doctors are really sly, they reinforce the patient with positive feelings and words such as ‘we care’, ‘we will take care of you’, but eventually an observant patient finds out that these positive reinforcements and various others are just given to the patient to ‘fool’ and deceive the patient into I thinking that Masina is a good place for treatment. The Doctors play a completely different game behind the curtains where the patient cannot see. They gave me 12 ECTs without telling me or informing me and they told me that I would get only 6, and in fact It was all Forced on me, I did not need any such electro convulsive therapy. Be careful, the doctors play games and they know how to reinforce positively and use this psychological technique to their advantage. They are experts in controlling the psyche of the patient in trivial ways and making the patient conform to their unethical treatment willingly, they also don’t know what they are doing and they are finding out as they are going about, experimenting on the patient and their lives. They use a method of reinforcing and then punishing again and again until the person is stuck and freezes and doesn’t know how to respond. They confuse the patient and tangle up his/her mind. These doctors are not human, and this is particularly true for Dr. Sheeba, she shouts at the patients and then takes the patients side, she does this repeatedly until the patient becomes thoroughly confused and then she SMILES, This is exactly what happened to me! Then I heard her talking with Dr. Ashwarya and laughing at me for becoming confused, these doctors have learned a great deal of psychological strategies and they use it to destroy the patient and then to rebuild him/her, but no such rebuilding takes place the patient is left DESTROYED.

They also teach lessons to patients to show their protective liking towards other doctors, if a patient talks rudely to a doctor then all the other doctors stand up for this doctor and send the patient for some brutal treatment such as SHOCK therapy or he gets a tranquilizer shot, all this to show the importance of that doctor and this is how they all work together crookedly in a team.

By the way, there is a doctor named Aishwarya in the Pscyh department and she is absolutely uneducated-can only pronounce complicated names of disorders without understanding its true meaning, fat and keeps on grazing on food like an addict. There is Something going on between GANESH and Aishwarya, the last time I saw GANESH flirting with her and the way he would stare at her was absolutely atrocious. As a patient this is an unacceptable and unprofessional behavior between the guards and the doctors. Then there is Prashant doctor, who is the’hero’ of the department, he sees himself is faultless and always steps in to take the leading role as a hero, his sense of morality is that of a 2 year olds and he keeps staring down patients with his gaze as he thinks his overweight physique will give him an edge to subdue the patient if need be.

One day I remember very clearly, a patient who had really bad eye sight and only one eye was shedding tears of absolute remorse and sadness. He had broken down because life had been unfair to him and he would even get naked at times because he was so depressed and agitated. Instead of understanding his psychology, when he started crying and said "doctor abhi I don’t want to live, why are you doing this with MEEE, Why doctor, WHY doctor, WHYYY, PLEASE LET ME GO" and he broke down on the floor crying in tears and hopelessness and helplessness. Then Dr. Ashwarya comes and said, with no emotion, I MEAN no EMOTION AT ALL, "what are you doing!" "GET UP!" "GET UP" She started kicking him lightly and told him to get up and also said "IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL NOT BE LET OUT". They held him prisoner! I was so sad when I saw this scene play out in front of me and the way he was treated by Dr. NATASHA and Dr. ASHWARYA, UNBELIEVABLY bad.

I hope that my voice is heard and people are more aware of my experience here. This place gives ECTs like its candy and they don’t care how cognitively impaired the patient becomes which begets more pain which begets more sorrow and more complications for the patient in the future. The patients don’t know anything what’s going on and it’s the same story with the doctors out there.

I have been given more than 12 ECTs and this was absolutely terrifying. The doctors didn’t tell me about my treatment plan or inform me beforehand about any procedure. There is an absolute lack of professionalism in this hospital where doctors are just trying to climb up the rungs of name, recognition and position. Please be kind to yourself and don’t enter into this facility by chance or by intent. They will just turn you into an addict and leave you with your bag of problems. Do you want to become an ADDICT? This is exactly like the ‘Opioid crisis’ that’s going on in the USA, and out here it is the MASINA crisis. They make you incapable of functioning by your self and you also develop because of them traumatic PTSD. Save your body and mind, and don’t step a foot in this place if you care about your wellbeing.

I wish I had cancer and died before ever getting treatment from this hospital and their brutal doctors, as such a fate would have been kinder than suffering maltreatment and ABUSE!

The Trauma that they cause the patient is worse than being raped, seriously! It’s like being punished for no good reason and when there is no reason for your suffering that they cause it’s excruciating. These doctors at Masina call it ‘treatment’.

Please be aware and Please empathize with my experiences, and learn from it, to save yourself from further misery! Everything in this review of mine is my opinion and my personal experience, please do view it in this light only. And even after saying all this and speaking my heart out nothing is going to be done! This is the state of the Indian Psychiatric Community where physical abuse, propagating prostitution outside in the medical community, psychological abuse and incompetence runs rampant. NOTHING IS EVERDONE ABOUT ANYTHING! Please do not go to this hospital as the doctors try to be good but lack the quality of being so, they do not know how to and are not trained to deal with compassion as compassion is not something that they have been taught. Its a Tragedy really, a serious tragedy of the medical staff of masina, the nurses, ward boys and the doctors and to further voice out the truth the ward boys have also on multiple occasions beat their former patients its horrendous the treatment that they provide. I am absolutely horrified at their level of competence when it comes to caring for the patient for all the staff at masina. I really wish that there would be someone to teach these guys and put them on the right path. What a tragedy! Thank you for your time!

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