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Sep 09, 2020 01:01 PM, 892 Views
Cashback Cheaters - PAYTMMALL

I placed Order 11470198220 of Lenovo V530 Intel 9th Gen Core i5 Tower Desktop(8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/DOS/Black), 10TWS1NU00 with Offer for 10% CB on BOBCC payment. While placing the Order, I opted for this BOBCC CB offer and their page confirmed that I would get Cashback of PAYTMCASH 2000. Accordingly I paid the Order with BOBCC. However, there was no mentioning of Cashback in the Order Page. They did not even sent SMS or Mail in confirmation of this Order. This order had no Cancellation as well as Return Policy.

Order was delivered on 16/08/20 and I awaited the cashback after the delivery, however, after 2 days I raised my concern against the order page for nonreceipt of due cachback. There, I got a reply that the cachback may be paid within a span of 30 days.

After a day, I received a mail reply from paytmcare stating that my order is not applicable for cachback as mentioned below:

“You are not eligible for cashback as bank offer is valid on selected products in car & bikes and automobiles category and this item not comes in the same category”.

Even after requesting them to refer to their offer page as on 10/08/20, they sent the same reply to me for about 20 times.

Then I raised the issue @paytmcare tweet page. Here, also they first replied that my order was not eligible for Cashback, however, after repeated explanations stating that as on 22/08/20 the same product is available with cashback offer with SC CC, they asked me to produce the snapshot for the offer page.

It is the first time a reputed eCommerce site like PAYTMMALL asking for snapshot of their offer page in support of claim. No other eCommerce sites have raised such clarifications sofar. I asked PAYTMMALL to refer to their offers as on 10/08/20.

Then, they started to say that I am not eligible for Cashback, as I had not applied the coupon while placing my order. I am sure, that I opted for the Cashback offer and after confirmation on their page only I paid the order amount with BOB CC. I also apprised them that I am not that Idiot to place the order without availing any one of their cashback options.

Hence, I would like to apprise all the online purchasers to note such idiotic behaviour of PAYTMMALL and keep away from using their site unless INSTANT DISCOUNT offers ensuring that you pay only the discounted amount on placement of order.

I have also asked them to escalate the issue to provide a solution, however, have not received any information from them sofar.

I wish to take up the issue with Consumer Court with all the relevant details available with me, in case I am not provided with suitable solution asap.

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