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148720 .@michelemiss2000
Jul 13, 2019 07:26 PM, 2106 Views
(Updated Jul 13, 2019)
Regarding : coin sale

Last month I posted my coins in the, intially I got a call from the company to make a premium payment amount of Rs 2000, somehow I managed to pay online.Then, I realised that in one day I could upload only 1 coin and then it went to modeartion department which took 2 days to post it in public view.As I had paid premium, I had to call and tell them that my coin should show premium paid and should be on top of the page.Only after a week I found that it was put on top of page.I was eligible for 6 ads, but after a lot of difficulty I was only able to post 5 ads, which took 1 month as a whole.Unfortunately.I didn;t get any buyer as I had expected.And the price of the coin was purposely put very high by Quikr .Guys don’t trust this site.

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