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Pankaj Gilotra@p162_261
Jul 08, 2019 01:40 PM, 771 Views

As per my sad experience, anybody can be cheated on platform and no one cares for that.It does not take responsibility for loss of money of customers.I wanted to sell my dining table with sale price amounting to Rs.15, 000/- and posted an ad on buyer sent an offer of Rs.14, 000/-which I accepted and buyer made the payment to Quikr.Quikr doorstep service took it from my place followed by an SMS regarding its cancellation from the buyer.A delivery was scheduled from Quikr doorstep and it resulted in a damaged condition.Quikr doorstep customer service was contacted by me and I was advised not to accept delivery followed by my refusal. After two weeks, I was told by them that repairing has been done and it arrived in a dirty condition which really harassed me as my losses were much more.

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