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uday Trolls@trollies690
Jun 20, 2022 06:25 PM, 1904 Views
Lost my bag and Redbus don't care

Yesterday from boarding to depart, I have faced lot of issues from red bus booking, first, I called to the number which I received on WhatsApp (attached) He said bus is delayed for one hour so I waited till 9.30 and called again told the same.

9.30 is my boarding time, I got bus driver’s contact details at 9.47 I called him immediately and surprisingly he said the bus is already left & asked him why no one called me when bus is started he said we don’t call anyone, you should come or else we leave, driver is rude and asked me to catch the bus in coming stops but bus won’t stop for me and not waited for me for atleast 10mins at any place

I took a cab and spent 700rs to chase the bus and boarded.

Then what a bumpy ride and people pouring in and cleaner shouting Banglore Banglore so that he can get more passengers, not at all a good ride.

Water coming inside because of rain, disgusting smell and not able to breath properly, water bottle is not sealed, they even arranged a guy place to sleep in the aisle too.

After reaching outskirts of Bangalore after too much of delay, supposed to reach my Destination by 9.05 reached outskirts by 10.30.

At 10.30 Told that bus got broke down and asked to shift to another bus where there are no empty seats and made us stand for 2 hrs till destination.

During the transit, I gave my luggage to the cleaner but he misplaced my luggage to someone else and lost.

I called bus driver, company agent, cleaner no one responded.

After one hour bus driver whatsapped me the passengers list and asked me to call and check, replied that they can’t do anything they are not at all responsible for anything we already left to hyd, how come a broken bus again started working and went back to hyd?

I’m shocked with that kind of behaviour.

I called all the passengers and told them that Redbus has lost my luggage, & unfortunately, no one said that they have my luggage, gave a complaint in the near by POLICE station.

Redbus customer care guy said will let me know in few minutes but after 24hrs still no response from Redbus after hours receiving mails that ticket is resolved, what kind of idiots working in the team without knowing the seriousness of the problem and bluntly closing the ticket

Deeply unhappy and depressed what happened with me yesterday, unimaginable if some student or job fresher or sensitive people or new to city people experiences this kind of behaviour from Redbus or travels, they would have left home without any hope.

I felt trauma and tense yesterday when I realised that someone took away my luggage and no help from bus company and Redbus both are irresponsible and very ignorant.

Such a shame whoever operating customer service team, he/she should get lost from here and manage farm animals.

Bus onboarding team from Redbus failed- simple commonsense and simple policies can be made to onboard customer-centric buses and drivers, check the bus it’s leaking from the rooftop!

Training & development failed - don’t know what kind of training has been given to drivers and agents on how to handle any kind of situations(you might not be having a team)

Customer service team utter flop- I would have fired the manager, agent questions me that I should have taken care of my luggage as if I have to book another seat inside the bus for my luggage too.

UI/App worst - I cannot reopen past cases, if I go back and come to the app, I need to raise new ticket and wait to talk to new customer service agent - worst method of working.

Found out from google reviews and quora forums that this is the same case happening with a lot of people realised you don’t care.

Overall had a worst experience, 5 stars.

My expenses -

1000rs bus booking

700rs cab to chase and board the bus

650rs cab to police station where bus transition happened

750rs cab where passengers de-boarded at their stop to check if they have my luggage

800rs cab to get back to my destination

And the bag contains more personally valuable items to me

I have spent close around 4k.

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