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Seclude Cliff's Edge
Ramgarh Uttarakhand



Seclude Cliff's Edge, Ramgarh Uttarakhand
Nidhi Vahi@nidhivahi
Jun 14, 2022 05:01 PM, 445 Views

I arrived at the location and the welcome was shocking. There was no proper parking. The way to the rooms was horrible. Midway light went off and it was pitch dark with no emergency lights to guide.

Literally there was no one to guide us to our hotel/rooms.

Somehow we reached the hotel. We were roaming for 15 minutes trying to figure out where to go. Finally we thought let’s figure out where is reception. We asked a person who guided us 50 steps down. When we went down there was a small room with no one there to guide us on how to check in.

Finally one person came and seemed willing to help us. He figured out our room and guided us. It was our utter shock to see the room. We had booked two rooms costing us 38000/- which seemed like a bomb after looking at the kind of reception we got and the state of the rooms. They were smelling of seepage as if the rooms have been shut for a while and not in use. The corridor outside the rooms was pathetic.

The dining hall was full of spider webs. There was seepage everywhere.

We were fooled by their fraudulent marketing tactics.

We stayed for two earlier nights at Sterling Resort Corbett and it costed us Rs 7000 per night. It had proper infrastructure. There was well defined parking and reception. We didn’t go through the hassle of figuring out our first step at the hotel. There was someone waiting to welcome us and the entire welcoming process went so nice.

We finally adjusted ourselves in one room. We are a family of four. We had planned this vacation after a very long time. The whole vacation has become miserable. We all were feeling helpless and frustrated, struck in one room in our vacation.

This has been a most miserable experience ever.

You are charging a high price for your property, please show hospitality and sense of service to client. Your staff has to be proactively looking to serve the client. They have to feel responsive to clients. On complaining we were told that we were free to complaint to anyone, we were free to put our reviews online. Which is not acceptable, I know we have paid 100% advance and at your mercy but that shouldn’t be the feeling.

The kind of money they are charging vs the kind of services that are being offered, there is a lot of gap.

We were duped of our hard earned money because of their fraudulent marketing tactics. I sincerely wish no one falls prey to what we fell for.

For everyone’s reference, I have attached few pics of the property. Take a look and take your decisions accordingly

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