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Tata Hexa
Shiva Krishna@shivakrishna6787
May 08, 2017 05:12 AM, 67200 Views
Don't get fooled justby the outer looks of the car

Tata Hexa

Hello Team

This is to bring to your notice about my experience with the all New Tata Hexa, I have done the ground work to buy this car for almost 3 months comparing it with all it’s rivals like Mahindra XUV 500, Toyota Innova Crysta, etc., and finally made my decision to go with Tata Hexa and purchased the car on March 10, 2017 and I now realise that how stupid my decision was.

Since day 1, I have got nothing but problems with this car.

The very next day March 11, 2017 I realised that there was a small hole on the windshield of the brand new car and took the car back to Malik Cars Showroom, Bowenpally, and the executive namely Krishna, at the showroom tried to convince me stating that it’s nothing but a small stone might have fell on the windshield and blah blah blah.

I wondered how could there be a crack on the brand new car which was delivered to me in the night and when I woke u in the morning realised it definitely is a manufactured unit problem.

First week of purchase, When I let the car take on the highways all of sudden to my surprise AC in the car stopped working, it was a hot sunny day and that too in the afternoon at the temp of 42 degrees. I was so annoyed and called the sales executive namely Krishna, he advised me to get the car back so that they would check on the issue.

When I took the car, AC doesn’t work at all.

It’s just that the blowers are on.

I felt as if I was kept myself in a hot pressure cooker or on top of a hot burning furnace.

This wasn’t really expected from Tata Group.

It was so embarrassing, upsetting and annoying.

I took the car to the workshop at Tolichowki, Hyderabad.

Narendra, General Manager at Tolichowki workshop assisted me and was sorry about what has happened and they did the following;

Day 1 at workshop: They did the basic stuff and came to a conclusion that the coupler was burnt.

Finally replaced the coupler and assured me that the problem is solved.

Trusting them I took the car and the very next day it’s the same and nothing was resolved.

"AC on a premium brand New Tata Hexa doesn’t work though I spent more than 20 lakhs on this car".

I then decided that trusting in Tata Car was a waste of time and money.

Back to worksop again, they then replaced radiator and they sang the same old song stating that the issue is resolved.

Same old story, came back home, took car out in the morning, AC doesn’t work.

Back to workshop, they then replaced condenser, and sang the same old song.

Me like a fool, used to get back home again, the story continues and now I’m fed of this useless piece of product.

Sickest part is the CONNECT NXT APP for infotainment inside the car is not for IPHONE users, which means people like me have to throw my IPhone and New Android phone to use the Connect Nxt app for the car.

Am I right #TataMotors?

I want Tata to take their car back and return my money.

I no longer trust in Tata Cars #TML.

Thank you very much #TataMotors.

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