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(Updated Sep 24, 2008)
Top Ten English Newspapers

If we have to give a list of top ten english newspapers in india by subscription. I think being a voracious reader who subscribes to Three daily newspapers and twelve magazines & spend innumberable hours browsing the net

I think that the list would look like this

1.The Times of India

2.The Hindu

3.The Hindustan Times

4.The Indian Express

5.The Asian Age

6.The Economic Times

7.Business Standard

8.Deccan Chronicle


10.The Financial Express

Though the yardstick taken is subscription and my imagination

If we take content as a benchmark the list would look like this

1.The Indian Express

(This Newspaper means business in the present scenario of chutzpah reporting of events it would be safe to assume that of all the newspapers in india, this newspaper gives importance to journalistic values and they never compromise on taking a stand on issues which affect the common man, also their Sunday Express creates a benchmark which the other newspapers lack)

2.The Hindu

(the southern tiger is known for hard hitting journalism and comprehensive coverage I remember, when I was a kid, I used to buy a Hindu only because it used to weigh a lot and I was not able to understand a single article, baring the comics section & I used to get a good volume with the raddiwala but now I do appreciate the reporting qualities of this newspaper)

3.Hindustan times

4.Business Standard

(The views expressed in this newspaper are concise and help a reader take a financial decision easily also if we take the yardstick of corrections which appear it this newspaper this should take the cake)

5.Deccan Chronicle

6.The Economic Times

(The leader in the pink papers by subscription also packs a punch in financial reporting)

7.The Asian Age

(This newspaper emphasizes on the international outlook of our issues)

8.Financial Express

(Though the quality of this newspaper is excellent it lacks the numbers)

  1. Midday

(some of the articles in this newspaper are legendary but now it has become too commercialised)

10.The Times of India

(The leader of the pack by subscription lacks substance and caters to the french benchers)

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