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Usha Mullapudi Cardiac center
Rhoda Mistri Nagar, Hyderabad



Usha Mullapudi Cardiac center, Rhoda Mistri Nagar, Hyderabad
viswa Dude@viswaoct2016
Jun 24, 2022 06:45 PM, 659 Views
Nature does its own bypass, dont go to hospital!!

Hello, I am writing this review in lieu of a recent experience we had with Usha Mullapudi hospital. My brother had a stroke 1 year ago and he then got angiogram and other tests recently and was advised by doctors here to immediately get a bypass surgery or else he would have a risk of death anytime. The old man Mr Mullapudi himself was there for initial consultation and talked nicely so my brother felt comfortable and joined.

Once he got admitted it was a completely different story altogether, none of the specialist he has during initial consultation were there anymore. A lady doctor Malini Lavanya would come visit and would scare the heck out of my family everytime with the disclaimer that my brother may just die on the operation table and no guarantees instead of giving confidence and kept talking about he may need additional weeks in the ICU which is extra lakhs!!!

The surgery was not until another 5 days and we were pushing hard to talk to heart surgeon who would operate on my brother, but we always got an excuse and never given the name or chance to talk to them. So we started doubting and when I check reviews just here on Mouthshut, came across some horrifying stories of healthy ones died right after surgery.

So after being there for 4-5 days we immediately took our brother back home. There was a next door patient also waiting for his surgery and he asked us why we were leaving and we basically told him we are not confident and stopped. We later learnt that next door patient died 3 days after his bypass at same hospital.

All I say is we got lucky and listened to our guy feeling instead of these crazy doctors scare tactics. We have since watched Dr B M Hegdes youtube channel and learnt that heart blockages are common even in healthy children and infact good for your long life. These allopatgic doctors and hospital are recommending and pushing un necessary surgeries and playing with peoples health, causing deaths and in the way looting them of lakhs and lakhs.

I would suggest anyone to think twice when these doctors say that your family member will die anytime after showing blockages as proof on an angiogram test. How did they survive fine until they got to the hospital ???

It’s all scare tactics….please watch Doctor Hegdes channel and take time to go see a good Ayurvedic doctor or other natural methods of treating for much cheaper and less painful ways. Good luck and hope this review saves someone from grief and getting cheated, please think twice and God Bless!!!

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