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Yamaha R15
manas @manas30683
Apr 27, 2010 11:40 AM, 7552 Views
(Updated Jun 07, 2010)
Everyone has a diff choice

Riding a bike gives me peace and control over me so I drive a lot on open roads. I love riding any bike. I have many bikes but this is diff. I bought this bike in june 2008 from the very first slot. This is the best Indian bike I ever rode. The best feature I like abt this bike is its balance and smooth ride. Yes this bike is small with small engine, thin tires compared to body many more such allegations. but for this bike every thing it needs is there. let describe some of its pros:-

  1. Looks is amazing- best looking bike in india similar to its father R1.

  2. Frame- Delta box(steel) where engine acts a part of chassis. this way it dont need extra frame to hold the engine so less weight. only 120kgs dry and 131 kgs wet which is nearly 30kgs less than other 150cc bikes. less weight means better control.

  3. Suspension- linked type monocross -it means the rear suspension is not linked with rear swing arm directly rather it is connected in a diff way(i cannot attach the fig to explain) in short, Tyre travel is much higher than corresponding spring movement. so small spring is enough, so simple physics increase in balance. shock absorb is amazing so it feels very smooth.

  4. engine- body-aluminum  dicast - this is one of the hardest non magnesium alloy and yet much lighter. the same material is used in many Yamaha bikes. Because of high silicon content thermal expansion is much lower than other alloy so no escape of burned gases in the engine. Piston- forged- this piston don’t need rings, needs only small piston rod so it makes it light  and life is increased. 4 valves increase air flow much easier way so clean engine fire. center mount spark plug increase better ignition. another imp thing is there is a oil jacket around the engine so flow of coolant keeps the engine cool.

  5. Fuel injection- 6 points, microprocessor ignition gives smooth throtle response.

  6. Tyres- people complain abt its tyres but they are the best tyres in india - I simply love them. to look more muscular dont change them they will harm for sure no good.

  7. Brakes- amazing - almost acts like ABS system.

  8. electricals- battery is closed maintenance free so dont need to fill water every service just check voltage level and charge if needed.

the only thing I am not satisfied is the paint job. glow is not much they should look into this.

Till now I covered 12000km still power has not dropped it still reach 140+ and 0-120 in less that 200meters distance in 5th gear.  mileage is 35-45 depending upon ride condition. I saw many people wrote P220 is faster than this and so on. But actual overdrive program showed R15 is faster in Lap time by 2.3 sec than P220 and 2.1 sec than karizma on a 4.3Km track with 12 corners which every one knows is very good. straight line speed is litle low than both of these but racing is not abt speed only it is also abt control and cornering. I drove both P220 and ZMR and I feel R15 has much more balance and is much more safe at high speed.  Now if say the price is high, boss if you want a good product on which there was lot of research it will cost more.

Few tips:-

change engine oil every 2000km what ever be the condition,

check coolant level which is imp

dont change halogens as it consumes more current and engine dont get enough for itself

use wax to keep in good condition

try to drive in low gears in heavy traffics and slopes

treat it like your girlfriend dont share.

dont ever ask any one to touch the tuning system what ever he says. this is chip controlled so not needed to adjust. ENJOY

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