MoviesCounter (Updated 2021) - Good Website to Download Movies, Info, Blog

Updated on : Jan 19, 2021 6:51 PM
MoviesCounter (Updated 2021) - Good Website to Download Movies, Info, Blog

Moviescounter: A plethora of compelling video content

Let's get to know Moviescounter 

Moviescounter,  there are not just a few sites that offer free movies but on the internet, there is an overabundance of the downloading options. Among the various websites that are available for download, the free movies MOvie Counter is simply the best and most comfortable fit for the purpose. On the other hand, it is a site that has the maximum number of visits month after month. And the Movies counter website without fail has been adding the latest and most demanded movies for the end-users.

Moviescounter is a great place to download movies from in contrast with any other sites as the heavy site traffic is the proof. Also, the numbers changed from some million to about 16 million quite recently. The search numbers from the Google tools indicate that the visitor count is higher than ever before. But a fair variance can be observed in comparison with the other sites. Moviesmarket is a hacked content promoter which is not permissible in our country which is the same reason to switch the domain name often.

The movie quality from Moviecounter site is top-notch site due to which numerous links are planted on a site with which the size, format, and quality of the content.  Also, the FHD resolution movie is available with 720p as well as 1080p. Also, the site Moviescounter is accredited by the Government of India, hence right before you hit the download button make sure that you have chosen the right category from the site one will have to make use of VPN.

Laying hands on the most demanded content in Moviescounter is now easy with a sophisticated and a tidy listing of highly detailed categories. Also not to ignore the fact that Moviescounter is a site that offers copied content which is not permissible in India.

Also the main category page of the Moviescounter, you can take a look at New Hindi movies. Netflix series. Animated Dub Movies, WWE series.

India is a nation where every second person is a fan of cinema. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and all other kinds of movie genres. In a country where there are over 24 languages spoken and over 1800 movies produced each year. However falling short on time and access to a more stable and fast connection, the young generation has opted out from getting the lines, queue, booking a ticket, planning, arranging everything else for a smarter option. Which is watching the movies right where you want as you want and how much you want. Yeah, if you were guessing a mobile (handheld) that is the right answer. The young generation found out that a mobile screen is way better than a 70mm theatre screen.

Moving on to the digital era with Moviescounter

As the world has moved to a digital era, it gave enough space for all kinds of business sectors to grow and prosper in terms of business and money terms. But it was most beneficial to the digital media platforms and the ones which hosted media and related content were even more popular as the concept of on-demand services in India was a new term. This new term and concept led a great curiosity among all Indians. And it became famous for some time. While the other streaming services developed they're such as Voot, Netflix, Eros Now, Sony LIV, Viu, Amazon Prime and the list is seamless. However the main catch about this massive media sharing and hosting platforms is that they ask for a mere amount as a charge for offering thrilling content which you can access anytime, all the time, no questions asked. These companies as offering a wide variety of content with different categories, languages, genres, etc. need something to keep the show running and that's the reason why some amount is asked as a fee to keep viewing the content right after the demo version has expired. All platforms have a demo version to let the viewers be engaged and get habituated to the premium content for free.

The use of torrent in the bygone days

In the meantime, the masses are using torrent as a dependable source of laying hands on something which other websites fail to offer. For those of us who are not aware of what torrent is, it can be either explained as a hacking platform to download namely any type of web content. Be it movie, a premium application that costs a fortune if purchased from a store. Also these days web series is something with great hype. Going to another site rather than Moviescounter is something which can be a less trustworthy alternative and such random sites have a hacked (unauthorized version of movies. The visitors continue to visit such pages at their own risk. So by accessing a site like MovieCounter, you can come across hundreds and thousands of free and finest quality video content and all of that free of cost. Which means there is no need to pay even a small dime just go there, have what you can, what you want to see, download it, stream it's all yours, just your presence is something which is being asked from Movies Counter.

There are several categories which you can choose from such as 

1. Adventure Movies 

2. Animated Movies 

3. Biography Movie 

4. Bollywood Movie 

5. Comedy Movies 

6. Crime Documentary Movies 

7. Drama Movie 

8. Dual audio 

9. English Movie 

10. Family Movie 

11. Fantasy Movie 

12. HD Movies 

13. Hindi Movie 

14. History Horror 

15. Movies 

16. justmoviez 

17. Latest Movie 

18. leonflix 

19. Music 

20. Musical Movies 

21. Mystery Movies 

22. openload movies 

23. Popular Categories 

24. Punjabi Movie 

25. Romance Movies 

26. Sci-Fi Movies 

27. sdmoviespoint

28. Sport Movies 

29. Thriller Movies 

30. Tv Series War 

31. Movie Western Movies

The other websites which offer free downloading of movies

Just in case if Moviescounter is unable to get what you want, you can try out 50 below options which can help you to have your favorite movies downloaded in a jiff

1. YIFY Movies

2. MyDownloadTube

3. Bob Movies

4. CosmoTube

5. Fmovies

6. Movie NO Limit

7. MovieDDL

8. Movie Watcher

9. 1337x Movies

10. Web Archive Movies

11. Movies Couch

12. Watch Movies

13. Loaded Movies

14. Mobile Movies

15. DIVX Crawler

16. 123 Go Stream

17. EMOL Movies

18. Download Any Movies

19. iPagal Movies

20. WellTorrent Movies Torrents

21. Critic Bay

22. Flimade

23. House Movies

24. Fully Watch Online

25. Xmovies 8

26. MKV Cage

27. AVI Mobile Movies

28. CineBloom

29. C Movies HD

30. My Cool 

31. HD Movies Maza

32. TOR HD

33. CineWap

34. filmyWap Movies

35. FZMovies (Original)

36. Movie Cast Blog

37. Isai Dub

38. Movies Daily

39. Public Domain Torrents

40 Filmy Wap Free Movies

41 FZMovies

42  RDX HD

43. 123 Movies Hub

44. Couch Pota Movies Download

45. Vidmate

46. See HD Movies

47. HD Movies Point

48. 027 PPT

49. GO Download Movies

50. Fou Movies

The various genres of movies available

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Latest movies
  • Classic movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • HD Movies
  • Dual Audio Movies
  • 360p movies & 480p movies full Movies 2019


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