Top 10 Product Review Websites in India

Updated on : Jul 30, 2020 6:00 PM
Top 10 Product Review Websites in India

With the pandemic spread across the world, and the fear of the invisible threat becoming more and more real every day, shopping has now become an online activity in most households. Instead of stepping down to buy groceries, or going to shops to pick up new items, people are turning towards online shopping. The biggest flaw in online shopping is the lack of physical touch and understanding of the product, which is why relying on consumer reviews is more and more important today.

Before the pandemic, when customers purchased products online, the biggest factor in deciding what is to be purchased, was the ratings and the reviews by customers. Reviews regarding quality and usage are very important. In today’s times, reviews have become even more important. Based on the product or service you are purchasing, or considering to purchase, it is important that you check the online reviews dropped by customers. As a thumb rule, make sure that whatever product or service you’re intending to purchase must have genuine reviews about the quality and customer service.

These genuine reviews may not be visible on the brand’s own page as they tend to filter out the negative reviews. For this, it is recommended that you turn to websites that offer genuine and unbiased customer reviews. When finding pages for reviews, you may want to assess what are the parameters against which the website offers customer reviews, or lets you drop your own review. Some websites even have an overall rating for the product or service you are searching for. When looking for reviews, or websites that have reviews online, you want to first check on how authentic and unbiased the reviews on that platform are.

Some platforms may be biased to certain brands, which makes those reviews unreliable. Whatever you may want to purchase, whatever services or products you’re looking for, make sure you read and watch genuine and unbiased reviews online before investing your money. It may be just ten rupees, but it should never be wasted. To check which websites are providing you with the most valuable information, keep reading below to get the list of Top 10 Consumer Review Websites in India.

Here is the List of Top 10 Product Review Websites in India

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