Goa Tours & Travel Guide

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 11:58 AM
Goa Tours & Travel Guide


Goa is an Indian state that lies in the southwest part of the country and by area, it is the smallest state and by population, it is the fourth smallest state in the country. The state operates with Panaji as its capital, but the biggest city in the state is Vasco da Gama. Goa is one of the wealthiest states in the country. Konkani is the official language in Goa, but Marathi is also used as an official language.

The citizens of Goa are known as Goans, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with tons of tourists are visiting the state every year. The major revenue of the state comes from its tourism department. The state is well known for its beautiful seashores, temples and churches.

Mining also makes up for main source of income of Goa’s industrial and trade development. Iron ore is the major mineral resource and an asset to the state. Agriculture is an important economic activity. The improvement and development brought in field of agriculture has been able to give better results to farmers, and better price for their labour.

As Goa is located along the coast of Arabian Sea, most of its cuisines includes seafood. Being invaded and ruled by Portugese and Mughals, for a shorter while, their presence did influence the cooking and spices. Fish is the staple food for both Hindus as well as Catholics. It is cooked with different spices, and coconut milk or scrapings makes for an integral part that produces a distinctive taste and aroma. Rice is a staple of Goan diet and it is eaten with meat curry or in form of Pulao. Pork is reserved for special occasions and the most famous preparation is vindaloo. The popular liquor is Feni, prepared from juices of cashew apples.

Despite being under the reign of Portugese, majority of the population are still Hindu. Though their presence can be witnessed in form of the art, carvings, architecture of churches, culture and society. The major art forms of the state include bamboo work, brass metals, seashell crafts, woodcarving, wooden lacquer work.

Folk music of the state reflects songs of sea farers, conquerors and love ballads. Mando – a love song and Suvari folk music – a traditional tone setter to all the Hindu religious and festivals performances are the most heard and enjoyed.