Karnataka Tours & Travel Guide

Updated on : Nov 29, 2019 12:55 PM
Karnataka Tours & Travel Guide


Karnataka is one of the Indian states that lies in the in the southwestern part of the country. It is the seventh biggest state in terms of land area and the eight most-crowded state in the country. It operates with Bangalore city as capital, which is also the major city in the state. Originally, the state was called the state of Mysore then later in 1973, it was renamed as Karnataka.

Kannada is the official language of the state. Other languages spoken in the state include Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Tulu, Hindi, Konkani, Malayalam, and Kodava Takk.

Karnataka consists of three major geological zones that include the mountainous Malenadu region consisting of the Western Ghats, the coastal region of Karavali, and the Bayaluseeme region consisting of the Deccan plateau plains. Among these major regions, the Bayaluseeme region includes the most parts of the state.

Evidences of pre-historic ages indicate that the culture of Karnataka has few resemblances with the civilization of Africa is quite different than the pre-historic culture of North India. Iron weapons were dug up in Dhawar district that were dating back to 1200 BC, much before their introduction in the northern part of the country. Earlier, parts of Karnataka were ruled by North Indian emperors, like Nandas and Mauryas.

Karnataka is currently the fifteen major state in the country in terms of Gross State Domestic Product. The main occupation of the people is agriculture and its associated activities. The state is also the major manufacturing center for some of the major public sector industries in the country. Still, agriculture has been the work force for 71% of the population. Coffee is the principal plantation crop, while cashew, coconut, chilies, arecanut, cotton and sugarcane are the other crops that are grown here.

Karnataka has many delicacies and one of them is kosambari, a salad made from soaked broken moong dal, without skin, mixed with scrapings of coconut, cucumber, carrot and lime juice dressing. Other dishes are bisi bele hulianna, chitranna, majige huli with tovve and, sweets or desserts like Mysore pak and payasa.

Karnataka celebrates an array of festivals that add to vibrancy, gaiety and colour to mundane life. The Paryaya Festival of Lord Krishna temple in Udupi, Karaga festival is peculiar in Bengaluru; and 10-days celebration of Dusshera is one of the major festivals celebrated that marks the triumph of good over evil. The city of Mysore is illuminated with thousands of lights, transforming the ‘City of Palace’ into a fairyland, festooned streets and arches. Every festival begins with a cultural program, exhibitions and classical or Carnatic music.