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This is 2022. The Doctors are relatively uneducated! They only treat patients with Benzos, SSRIs, ECTs, Antipsychotics, Lithium & Sernase. They have no other ammunition for treatment purposes. There is an utter lack of comprehension on the part of the doctors about the illness being faced by the patient and the patient is often objectified and nullified. There is a lot a physical and psychological Force being used against the patient as the patient is always perceived to be incompetent. To top it off the guards and the mama's working there are horrible. Two of them, Prasad and Ganesh would keep syphoning out bribes from patients and telling them rotten things about meeting prostitutes after their release, which is an utter shame. The doctors don't do anything about this! There is an absolute lack of control on the part of the doctors and patients get regularly traumatized and induced with fear by the uneducated staff guards. On many occasions, the Guards Ganesh and Sagar have beaten up the patients and then the next day due to the cognitive impairment caused by the ECT the patient again forgets the pain inflicted by the guards and the process repeats itself. What Madness is this?! This Guard Ganesh is truly a MONSTER! It just shows what a lack of education can culminate into, a bribe-hoarding, fear-inducing, lethargic monster! An Absolute terror to society, terrorists to be precise. Once after a patient got beat up and I complained, the doctor just said that "these things happen" and nothing was done to remove this monster, Ganesh. The Nurses are picked off from the Slums and they don't even know how to give an intravenous injection properly. I was pricked 8 times once and the injection was still not properly administered. What a Horror Show! The Doctors know how to use complicated vocabulary to sound smart but they lack the essence of compassion and right care towards the patient. This is the case with all the doctors out there. They take pride in their position they couldn't care if the patient breaks down into tears completely, a patient that psychologically breaks completely and that is exactly the only thing that they are trying to achieve there. They just want to break you down psychological. They do nothing but to add to your collection of negative memories, this is the case with Dr. Natasha, Dr. Sheeba and Dr. Priyanka. I hope that my voice is heard and people are more aware of my experience here. This place gives ECTs like its candy and they don't care how cognitively impaired the patient becomes which begets more pain which begets more sorrow and more complications for the patient in the future. The patients don't know anything what's going on and it's the same story with the doctors out there. I have been given more than 12 ECTs and this was absolutely terrifying. The doctors didn't tell me about my treatment plan or inform me beforehand about any procedure. There is an absolute lack of professionalism in this hospital where doctors are just trying to climb up the rungs of name, recognition and position. Please be kind to yourself and don't enter into this facility by chance or by intent. Please be aware and Please empathize with my experiences to save yourself from further misery! Everything in this review of mine is my opinion and my personal experience, please do view it in this light only.
12 hrs 54 mins ago
Yesterday from boarding to depart, I have faced lot of issues from red bus booking, first, I called to the number which I received on WhatsApp (attached) He said bus is delayed for one hour so I waited till 9.30 and called again told the same. 9.30 is my boarding time, I got bus driver's contact details at 9.47 I called him immediately and surprisingly he said the bus is already left & asked him why no one called me when bus is started he said we don't call anyone, you should come or else we leave, driver is rude and asked me to catch the bus in coming stops but bus won't stop for me and not waited for me for atleast 10mins at any place I took a cab and spent 700rs to chase the bus and boarded. Then what a bumpy ride and people pouring in and cleaner shouting Banglore Banglore so that he can get more passengers, not at all a good ride. Water coming inside because of rain, disgusting smell and not able to breath properly, water bottle is not sealed, they even arranged a guy place to sleep in the aisle too. After reaching outskirts of Bangalore after too much of delay, supposed to reach my Destination by 9.05 reached outskirts by 10.30. At 10.30 Told that bus got broke down and asked to shift to another bus where there are no empty seats and made us stand for 2 hrs till destination. During the transit, I gave my luggage to the cleaner but he misplaced my luggage to someone else and lost. I called bus driver, company agent, cleaner no one responded. After one hour bus driver whatsapped me the passengers list and asked me to call and check, replied that they can't do anything they are not at all responsible for anything we already left to hyd, how come a broken bus again started working and went back to hyd? I'm shocked with that kind of behaviour. I called all the passengers and told them that Redbus has lost my luggage, & unfortunately, no one said that they have my luggage, gave a complaint in the near by POLICE station. Redbus customer care guy said will let me know in few minutes but after 24hrs still no response from Redbus after hours receiving mails that ticket is resolved, what kind of idiots working in the team without knowing the seriousness of the problem and bluntly closing the ticket Deeply unhappy and depressed what happened with me yesterday, unimaginable if some student or job fresher or sensitive people or new to city people experiences this kind of behaviour from Redbus or travels, they would have left home without any hope. I felt trauma and tense yesterday when I realised that someone took away my luggage and no help from bus company and Redbus both are irresponsible and very ignorant. Such a shame whoever operating customer service team, he/she should get lost from here and manage farm animals. Bus onboarding team from Redbus failed- simple commonsense and simple policies can be made to onboard customer-centric buses and drivers, check the bus it's leaking from the rooftop! Training & development failed - don't know what kind of training has been given to drivers and agents on how to handle any kind of situations(you might not be having a team) Customer service team utter flop- I would have fired the manager, agent questions me that I should have taken care of my luggage as if I have to book another seat inside the bus for my luggage too. UI/App worst - I cannot reopen past cases, if I go back and come to the app, I need to raise new ticket and wait to talk to new customer service agent - worst method of working. Found out from google reviews and quora forums that this is the same case happening with a lot of people realised you don't care. Overall had a worst experience, 5 stars. My expenses - 1000rs bus booking 700rs cab to chase and board the bus 650rs cab to police station where bus transition happened 750rs cab where passengers de-boarded at their stop to check if they have my luggage 800rs cab to get back to my destination And the bag contains more personally valuable items to me I have spent close around 4k.
1 day ago
It is forever difficult to work with this team and get a desired booking. It's definitely the worst 1.5 lakhs I have ever spent. The sales team had promised big names including Hilton, Hyatt, Leela, ITC and the like, but when we ask for booking we never get the desired property. They do offer 4 or 5 stars but I guess less popular and cheap ones and distant from the city or whatever they find cheap and convenient for them I guess. The sales team had also promised that if dissatisfied, full refund will be entertained, but when we ask for it they throw the contract on us which they made us sign in so much haste while selling the package. I have tried multiple times to plan something with them and every time it is overly stressful and disappointing at the end. We are not even able to see a list of properties they have on any portal or website from which we can choose. It works through email and on every request they offer stingily 1 or 2 ridiculous options for us to choose from. Their sales team use downright lies to make packages sell. There are no audits on them. In my opinion, the entire company should be sued as they are so unethical. People who have received good services from them once or twice, I am telling you it's only by chance. And the trouble you have gone through in the booking process is the case every time. All of you out there who have had experiences similar to mine, please contact me. Together we can do something about it. Go to consumer court, let's not let them get away with this fraud and do this to more and more people. Together we can prevent this and there is hope for us to get our hard earned money back. I am reposting my edited review. I took this down earlier as at that time this reservations team called me and told me they will serve better and begged me to take down the review and for the time did provide me with a good option. So when we arm twist them, maybe they are able to serve but never otherwise. If they are a good company at all, shouldn't they return the money to dissatisfied clients right? If you have so many good clients for truth, then let the unhappy ones go. That many would agree is how you build a strong and reliable business. People with similar experiences as mine, please reach a page dedicated to fight our violated rights. together we can do something about this and put a stop to this fraud.
2 days ago
My mother and my aunt went on the Chardham Yatra from SUN Tourism from 28-May to 9-Jun and the total cost of the tour is 71, 000/- per person. In the introductory meeting at SUN, they mentioned that this is not JATRA, this is YATRA but we haven’t found that SUN really means this and understand the responsibility for the people, more importantly for the senior citizen. 1) At the start there was 4 hours waiting after reaching Delhi airport, tourist had some snacks(sandwich and milk) in the flight but no dinner plan from SUN. I guess, the reason for this wait was the timing for hotel check-in was at 11 am and they didn’t want to reach early. Next day when my mother reached the hotel, the hotel staff was still getting the room ready. 2) For such a yatra where many senior citizens are coming, the tourist guides has to be experienced, but in this yatra 2 guides were not experienced, Tanmay had I think 1 or 2 yatra experience and for Rushishek it was his first trip. 2 guides for 38 people and believe me for tracking a group of 38 people, wearing a SUN TOURISM CAP and carrying SUN TOURIM SACK is useless in so much crowd. 3) At Haridwar, SUN asked the people to attend Ganga Aarti on their own. My mother and Aunt went by auto. On the way return to hotel, it was very late in the night and my mother was not able to get the auto hence they came walking 1.5 KM in the night. 4) Kitchen with the tour, this concept did not worked at all. Kitchen reached the destination with the group . Then they took 1-2 hours to prepare the food and this time was getting wasted. Tourists were not able to get the time to relax, getting late for the night sleep. SUN has done the cost cutting here and saved lot of money. 5) Also, to reach destination before lunch/dinner time so that cook gets time to preapare food many tourist points which were on the way were missed . 6) Kitchen was with SUN but while leaving for Kedarnath early morning, they didn’t even gave the tea/coffee. 7) Based on the experience SUN should give more accurate detail of the expenses for Kedaranath trakeing, so that tourist can carry enough cash. 8) SUN did not provided any help for senior citizen at the airport, there was no support for the people who don’t have smart phone. They sent the boarding passes on whatsapp, what about those who don’t have smart phone? 9) Tour guide left for Delhi before tourists . Tourist were on their own. My mother is senior citizen and it was a 1st flight for my Aunt. How were they supposed to manage? What was the use of sending them with Travels? If they were supposed to manage on their own why people need Travel Company? 10) Poor quality of snacks pouch and food. 11) SUN did not provide any food/dinner on return journey, from Rishikesh to Delhi, from 9 am to 5 pm only lunch was provided, no tea, no dinner. People may have reached home by midnight and SUN hasn’t thought of providing dinner to the people. 12) SUN do not have any contacts of doctor for emergency. In every area they should have at least one contact. 13) Total tour cost is same as Kesari but service was not up to that mark. When we are paying for full tour, SUN should provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. And on the way in the bus they should manage this.
3 days ago
I have booked three international tour program through Caper Travel Company. First time I went to Russia, September 2021. Due to best tour guide, Mr Mark, That tour was memorable. Second time I have again booked a tour due to past experiences and one of employ of this company, name Mr Ali, belongs to my native place. But I have seen much differences between Russia trip to Egypt tour. Third time, Mr Ali had said that, my company office is in Turkey and I have discussed to turkey official for best services and they have assured me for that. I have paid huge money about 5 lacks, excluding both way air tickets. They assured me provide a best customised private tour program but they only booked hotels. That’s all. No any others satisfactory arrangements for touring. No Proper foods arrangement. No proper vehicles. They provide Tempo travellers for two person. Turkey Manager of this company is very careless against Indian tourists. He did not behave like a tour operator. I have reached 10 AM at Istanbul. According to Turkey's tour program, my next connecting flight to Cappadocia was at 3.30 PM. Almost 6 hours waiting on airport. This was due to improper tour programs. I have reached Cappadocia at 7 PM due to 1 hour 15 Minutes far away from Airport. Flight time was only 7 Hours from Delhi to Istanbul but in Hotel, We reached after 23 hours. According to tour program, they did not provide breakfast on 14th June. My next destination was Antalya. when I reached there, no authorised persons of company was present at airport. After long waiting one of driver appear with a placard but they asked with me where should you go? This was very surprise for me. I have booked a customised tour, including hotels and all tour activities and Driver is asking where should you go?. I showed him hotel voucher, which was provided by the company and then he dropped me at the hotel. Next day tour time was given by Turkey manager at 10 AM. I have said to him for earlier because morning is early in Turkey. But Guide came at 10.10 AM. I am very punctual on time and this was disgraceful for me. When I discussed with local people of Antalya, I found that most important tourist places, like world's longest Aquarium is not included. Even Antalya is famous for world's longest Lara beach and some others beaches but no any beaches are included in tour programs. Company providing 5-star hotel but they are actually 3 stars and maximised their profits in cutting breakfast and dinners menu. They provided limited foods like Lunger. So If you are thinking to choose this company, please think again on your decision. This company has no own guide. Their employees are guides, except Mark of Sent Petersburg. Turkey Tour programme is a very bad experience for me and now I never choose this Company again. Good buy Caper!
4 days ago
IDBI HOME LOAN – IF YOU HAVE TAKEN HOME LOAN PRIOR TO DEC 2017 – READ THIS – AS YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS MIGHT BE AT RISK With a home loan and top up loan with IDBI Bank(Indira Nagar Branch and Electronic City Branch), the bank failed to be transparent and honest to the customer when Bank's document custodian(SHCIL) failed to keep documents safe. The original Sale deed was found dampened with all signatures spread across and khata document given for top up loan was found missing. Both instances were the aftermath of fire at StockHolding Document Management Services Limited(SHCIL) in Dec 2017. For the document that was damaged, bank never informed the customer and it came to light only when customer had to request for the original documents. Original khata document was given to the bank for the top up loan taken on 24th July 2015 and bank requested the customer to submit the same document again on 16th Apr 2018 - Hardly 4 months after the fire at SHCIL! Though one of the bank manager's mail states as per Finacle original Khata is submitted', the bank still looks for a physical copy of acknowledgement in digital age! When Bank holds the customer's sale deed/other original documents in capacity as the trustee of the owner, it is the duty of the bank to preserve it in the condition in which it was delivered. I hope several other customers would have gone through same pain after the SHCIL fire. It was only after continuous follow up, the customer was informed about the reason and provided a digital copy of sale deed signed by First Division Assistant(FDA)/Second Division Assistant(SDA). For Khata, the Bank still says it is not given - though the official mail communication states the other way. I am not sure how @IDBI_Bank and @IDBIBankCares can help on this. @StockholdingDMS was 'kind' enough to provide an acknowledgement to the Bank stating that 'the document stored by IDBI were partially damaged due to water used as a part of firefighting operations'. The bank did a follow up only on 29th Sep 2021- i.e. only after the customer found the damaged document! This in turn turns out to be a very silly affair - Just an apology mail for an important document that is probably the life's saving for a common man. Though this incident was brought to the notice of consumer helpline(docket #3070657), @nch1915 just reverted with the same response given by the bank. I could verify the SHCIL fire through - Thanks to @TOIIndiaNews Customers need to be more vigilant and need to think twice prior to take a home loan or hand over the original documents to this bank. This incident is being shared for the benefit of other customers who would have taken home loan during the same time.
5 days ago
MUTHOOT AWADHAPURI BRANCH NEVER TAKE LOAN FROM THEM. This incident happened in December 2021. I reported to them but no action taken. Horrible and worst customer service I ever came across. I went to close the loan account and they were asking for the receipt. There is one Bengali lady who don't know to speak to the customers. She shouted at the top of the voice and tell that they are not interested in the soft copy of the latest receipt which I got while topping up the loan. They just need the first receipt which they gave during the submission of my gold during 2018-2019. I said if they needed that they should have inform that even after top up of loan the main receipt is important. She said I have met her and she informed me. I told that during loan process I remember she was not there and only there was a malayalee guy who gave me that slip. She then started shouting that she is here since 12 years and she just took sick leave for 6months. This their rule. Even if they come half an hour late they deduct salary so that's company policy. She insulted me in front of everyone saying that I have taken loan in 2018 and till now I didn't come to pay the loan. I told I was paying it through Muthoot app and online payments. I gave my details and she got my all the bunch of receipt which I took it. She is tired of preparing my top up receipt and filling it. I SHOWED MY PASSPORT ( to my authenticity and a valid proof) AND SHE WAS NOT READY TO GIVE THE GOLD. According to her, I'm a regular customer so I must know the rules. I don't understand how does these details matter. I didn't come to get a job I went to close the loan. Then she said that I have to come again, I have to get the receipt from Manager and then I have to prepare an legal stamp paper of 100 and then submit it to the branch stating that this is Nisha and to prove that I have taken loan. These procedures are for 2 gm gold and loan amount is just around 6000. I never expected this kind of behaviour from their end. Everyone in that office was listening to our conversation but no one responded. The manager was out for marketing. That's why I left from that branch. Never ever take loans from Muthoot from Awadhapuri branch, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Even after complained to them many times they haven't taken any action against it. JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAD ANY RECEIPTS WITH ME. I Had the MONEY WiTH ME TO CLOSE THE LOAN. I DIDN'T HAD MUCH TIME TO FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE AND AS I HAD TO LEAVE FROM BHOPAL. While taking the gold they say 3 min loan but while closing the loan why 3 mins procedure cant be followed. I had my valid proof I had money to repay, I can sign it then why these procedures. How is that initial pledge paper so important when you have all the documents in places? If you didn't get my top up receipts then I would understand. I'm taking my own gold, that's my right to take it. They wasted my time, money and I'm simply paying the interest unnecessarily. Why is it so? Who is responsible for all these?
6 days ago
I arrived at the location and the welcome was shocking. There was no proper parking. The way to the rooms was horrible. Midway light went off and it was pitch dark with no emergency lights to guide. Literally there was no one to guide us to our hotel/rooms. Somehow we reached the hotel. We were roaming for 15 minutes trying to figure out where to go. Finally we thought let's figure out where is reception. We asked a person who guided us 50 steps down. When we went down there was a small room with no one there to guide us on how to check in. Finally one person came and seemed willing to help us. He figured out our room and guided us. It was our utter shock to see the room. We had booked two rooms costing us 38000/- which seemed like a bomb after looking at the kind of reception we got and the state of the rooms. They were smelling of seepage as if the rooms have been shut for a while and not in use. The corridor outside the rooms was pathetic. The dining hall was full of spider webs. There was seepage everywhere. We were fooled by their fraudulent marketing tactics. We stayed for two earlier nights at Sterling Resort Corbett and it costed us Rs 7000 per night. It had proper infrastructure. There was well defined parking and reception. We didn't go through the hassle of figuring out our first step at the hotel. There was someone waiting to welcome us and the entire welcoming process went so nice. We finally adjusted ourselves in one room. We are a family of four. We had planned this vacation after a very long time. The whole vacation has become miserable. We all were feeling helpless and frustrated, struck in one room in our vacation. This has been a most miserable experience ever. You are charging a high price for your property, please show hospitality and sense of service to client. Your staff has to be proactively looking to serve the client. They have to feel responsive to clients. On complaining we were told that we were free to complaint to anyone, we were free to put our reviews online. Which is not acceptable, I know we have paid 100% advance and at your mercy but that shouldn't be the feeling. The kind of money they are charging vs the kind of services that are being offered, there is a lot of gap. We were duped of our hard earned money because of their fraudulent marketing tactics. I sincerely wish no one falls prey to what we fell for. For everyone's reference, I have attached few pics of the property. Take a look and take your decisions accordingly
7 days ago
Hello, I am writing this review in lieu of a recent experience we had with Usha Mullapudi hospital. My brother had a stroke 1 year ago and he then got angiogram and other tests recently and was advised by doctors here to immediately get a bypass surgery or else he would have a risk of death anytime. The old man Mr Mullapudi himself was there for initial consultation and talked nicely so my brother felt comfortable and joined. Once he got admitted it was a completely different story altogether, none of the specialist he has during initial consultation were there anymore. A lady doctor Malini Lavanya would come visit and would scare the heck out of my family everytime with the disclaimer that my brother may just die on the operation table and no guarantees instead of giving confidence and kept talking about he may need additional weeks in the ICU which is extra lakhs!!! The surgery was not until another 5 days and we were pushing hard to talk to heart surgeon who would operate on my brother, but we always got an excuse and never given the name or chance to talk to them. So we started doubting and when I check reviews just here on Mouthshut, came across some horrifying stories of healthy ones died right after surgery. So after being there for 4-5 days we immediately took our brother back home. There was a next door patient also waiting for his surgery and he asked us why we were leaving and we basically told him we are not confident and stopped. We later learnt that next door patient died 3 days after his bypass at same hospital. All I say is we got lucky and listened to our guy feeling instead of these crazy doctors scare tactics. We have since watched Dr B M Hegdes youtube channel and learnt that heart blockages are common even in healthy children and infact good for your long life. These allopatgic doctors and hospital are recommending and pushing un necessary surgeries and playing with peoples health, causing deaths and in the way looting them of lakhs and lakhs. I would suggest anyone to think twice when these doctors say that your family member will die anytime after showing blockages as proof on an angiogram test. How did they survive fine until they got to the hospital ??? It's all scare tactics….please watch Doctor Hegdes channel and take time to go see a good Ayurvedic doctor or other natural methods of treating for much cheaper and less painful ways. Good luck and hope this review saves someone from grief and getting cheated, please think twice and God Bless!!!
8 days ago
Producer Karan Johar released 4 films in the post pandemic period. Out of these, 3 of them – Gunjan Saxena, Shershaah and Gehraiyaan – were released directly on OTT. The fourth film, Sooryavanshi, was not an out-and-out Dharma film. Hence, JugJugg Jeeyo is his first real release in cinemas post-pandemic. His last theatrical release was Good Newwz. It was directed by Raj Mehta who has also helmed JugJugg Jeeyo. And just like Good Newwz, Raj Mehta’s second directorial is also a crazy family entertainer! The story of the movie: Kuldeep Saini aka Kuku(Varun Dhawan) has been dating Naina(Kiara Advani) since childhood. They get married, much to the happiness of Kuku’s family, comprising his father Bheem(Anil Kapoor), mother Geeta(Neetu Kapoor) and sister Ginni(Prajakta Koli). Naina’s parents, too, give their blessings and so does Naina’s brother Gurpreet(Maniesh Paul), who is also Kuku’s best friend. Five years later, Kuku and Naina shift to Toronto, Canada after the latter gets a work opportunity. Kuku tries adjusting but fails. He takes up the job of a bouncer and is unhappy in life. This creates a rift in their marriage and they decide to separate. They are supposed to fly back to India for Ginni’s wedding. They conclude that they’ll inform everyone about their plans of divorce after Ginni ties the knot. Kuku and Naina land in India and are warmly welcomed by Bheem, Geeta, Ginni and Gurpreet, as they are oblivious that their marriage is on the rocks. Naina, meanwhile, gets a promotion in New York. She is supposed to join sooner than expected. Hence, she insists Kuku break the news of their divorce earlier than planned. Kuku decides to have a drinking session with his father and tell him the truth, with the hope that Bheem will handle the situation. The father and son sit down to drink. Before Kuku could open up about his divorce plans, Bheem confesses that he has decided to separate from his mother. JugJugg Jeeyo starts on a cute note. The film drops in the Toronto sequence and even during Ginni’s engagement sequence. However, it picks up once Bheem reveals that he wants to divorce Geeta. From here on, the film goes on another level. The scene where Gurpreet tells Kuku that Bheem has turned into a ‘tharki’ will bring the house down. The bachelor party sequence is engaging and also how Raj Mehta also focuses on what’s happening with Naina and Ginni at the same time is quite arresting. The intermission sequence is terrific and sets the tone for the second half. Post-interval, the director wastes no time as he introduces a huge confrontational sequence at the very onset. From hereon, the film oscillates between dramatic and funny sequences. Varun Dhawan looks quite dashing and his performance is first rate. What’s praiseworthy is that he’s not only playing the typical hero. Yet, he slips into the part beautifully. Kiara Advani looks stunning and proves that she’s growing as a performer with each film. She especially shines in the second half. Anil Kapoor is the life of the film and brings the house down with his comic timing. But his character is not just raising laughs and in the emotional scenes, he’s flawless. Neetu Kapoor underplays her part and leaves a mark in several places in the second half. Maniesh Paul is the funniest part of the film and will be loved. Prajakta Koli is lovely and manages to maintain a strong position amidst so many talented actors. Tisca Chopra(Meera) is apt for the part. The actors playing Balwinder, Gaurav and Kuku’s Toronto friend are decent. Elnaaz Norouzi is fine in the item song. The music is one of the USPs of the film.'The Punjaabban Song' is enticing.'Rangisari', played at the end credits, is soulful and shot beautifully.'Dupatta' works because it comes at a crucial point.'Nain Ta Heere' is okay and mainly works due to the visuals. John Stewart Eduri's background score is rich and enhances impact in several scales. Jay I Patel's cinematography is appropriate. The focus is more on the story and not on the locales of Punjab. Sukant Panigrahy's production design is rich. Eka Lakhani's costumes are appealing, especially the ones worn by Kiara Advani. Manish More's editing is neat as the pacing of the film is just right. Anurag Singh's story is entertaining and has all the trappings of a fun-filled family entertainer. Anurag Singh, Sumit Batheja and Rishhabh Sharrma's screenplay(additional screenplay by Neeraj Udhwani) is very tight. The narrative is peppered with hilarious and emotional moments in such a way that viewers won’t feel bored even for a moment. The writers deserve kudos as the humour springs out at the most unexpected places. Rishhabh Sharrma's dialogues are too funny and in confrontational scenes, the one-liners are sharp. Raj Mehta’s direction is supreme. His earlier film Good Newwz also dealt with two couples in an unusual situation. JugJugg Jeeyo is in the same zone but here, the couples are inter-related to each other and that makes it even more entertaining. His execution is also quite simple and hence, the film is easy to understand for multiplex as well as single-screen audiences. On the flipside, the goings-on becomes emotionally too heavy in the second half. A significant plot point in the finale is difficult to digest. Some of the best scenes of the film: - Kuku proposes to Naina - Kuku and Bheema’s drinking session - Kuku’s conversation with Bheem, Geeta, Naina and Ginni a day after the drinking session - Gurpreet tells Kuku that Bheem is a ‘tharki’ - The intermission point - Geeta finds out the truth - The hospital sequence - Bheem and Gurpreet enter Kuku-Naina’s bedroom from the window - The temple sequence - Naina and Geeta have a conversation over wine - Bheem at Meera’s house On the whole, JugJugg Jeeyo is a fun-filled entertainer that would be loved for its performances, plot, humour and strong emotional moments in the second half. At the box office, it has the potential to draw audiences in hordes and emerge as one of the biggest hits of the year. Recommended! My rating - 3.5/5!
9 days ago
We purchased the membership last month. I have a word of advice for the new members. 1. Record every conversation which takes place. 2. Ask them to write everything they promise and make them sign it. 3. Read the contract carefully. You will find clauses like " Subject to availability, which is a trap" 4. Take list of hotels on their panel from them before making the payment. 5. Take in writing from them that you will get booking if the request is made 15 days in advance. 6. Take phone numbers of reservation team members and also of their seniors. (I have been asking for the number of the senior management but they are not sharing the same. They don't let you meet the top management.) Reasons for these words of caution- After you get the membership- the reservation team denies all your previous communications with the sales team  and says openly "Verbal communications have no value" Sales team will show you 5-star hotels, which they don't have contracts with. You ask for list of hotels on their panel- They will say "we will send you the list" but they will never send you the list. (I have been asking for the list since a month now) They have some good hotels mentioned on their website but those are just for luring the new clients. We have been asking for a hotel in Aerocity for 4 weeks now. They have 4 hotels in Aerocity on their website but for the last 4 weeks their standard reply is "No availability. Get a hotel in Ghaziabad or Sahibabad" At the time of buying the membership, they had  assured us bookings in any hotel of our choice if booked 15 days in advance but their reservation team denies this and has a standard reply "Bookings not available, take some other hotel" Be careful. With regards to the membership- If what they promise is true, it's a very good deal. But unfortunately, that's not the fact. Sales and reservation teams speak a different language. They both are trained accordingly. We are stuck after making a payment hence a word of caution for others. If your taste is of mediocre hotels- 2-3 star category hotels, go for the membership. But if you are looking for quality hotels- 4-5 star category, this membership is not for you.
10 days ago
We placed an order(king size bed) with home center on 30th May and we were happy with the delivery as it happened on the scheduled date but till now we were not aware of what is coming next. Technician came over same day and while assembling the bed he found there is a scratch and light damage on the head of it, he further started to unpack the rest of the boxes and found multiple things are damaged. As expected, he said he can raise it to Home Centre people for a replacement to which I agreed. Tech told us that it will take 24 to 48 hours for the next action and left the site. Now my one room is fully occupied with cartons and damage wood. We called customer care after 48 hours of this incident and they said it will take another 24 to 48 hours, we agreed but there was no contact made. We asked again for the update but again they said 24 to 48 hours. This was so annoying, just imagine that one of your rooms is fully occupied with the wood and you have a toddler at home. We tried explaining this to them and asked them to at least pick the damaged product, they didn’t listen to the request. We said we don’t need the bed, refund our money, they denied and instead told us that replacement will be done in two weeks that too after waiting for one week . We were very clear to them that we can't wait and we want refund but we were forced to wait . We spoke to some supervisors like Krishna, Nalini who were kind enough to give us false hopes and made false promises that they will call us back with an update which was never done. We approached their social media team on Twitter but looks like it's being handled by bots as there is no proper response and all they do it forward the same complaint to same useless customer care folks. Now we are left with no options but to wait and watch. Horrible service and feeling completely harassed by the Home Center team. Bunch of jokers running the business. Date - 14th June After all this mental harassment when we were waiting for the replacement(they gave us the date 15th June) we thought of checking if it's going to be delivered tomorrow or not but to our surprise customer care rep said it will be delivered on 22nd. Again I spoke to the supervisor Ms.Nalini( not sure if she is really a supervisor or not), she said it will be delivered on 16th for sure and she can send me an email on the same but she didn’t and asked time till 2pm. No one called us till 4pm and when we contacted them again one of representatives says it will be delivered on 15th for sure. I asked for a written confirmation on which he said there is a separate team for that who can send emails to the customer but he can surely put a request to them. After 2 3 mins, I got call from Nalini who said she couldn’t call me as she was busy on some other call and she can't give me email confirmation as she didn’t get the confirmation from her internal department. When I told her that her colleague told me 15th, she said that’s not the right date and they can't deliver it on the 15th. And the story continues …. It's not resolved yet and I have no hopes from this vendor now.
11 days ago
Review on IKEA Nagasandra Bengaluru. The facility invited all members on 19th June, Sunday before official launch. We visited with excitement and discovered its a complete mismanaged and unlike professional staff in Hyderabad. **1.** After we entered the escalator stopped suddenly with jerk and my 3 year old kid fall down with injury. The staff saw and said sorry for the inconvenience caused rather than addressing the electrical fault or flagging the same (although she was holding a walkie-talkie). We shared the concern to address the electrical fix so that other people don't face the same but she was not bothered. Luckily we were moving up, if the escalator would have been stopped whilst moving down it would have been a big accident. **2.** We were invited on a particular time slot, but when we checked with other visitors it seems no one followed the time all dropped-in as per their time which created a chaos. **3.** Went to the food counter and the supervisor responsible to manage the queue was continuously busy on his cell phone and chatting with another staff. Once entered, the kitchen staff were also slow in serving and wondering how to cater. Few went inside to bring plates and returned after 10 mins by the time there were a long queue lined up. **4.** Once we got the seat, looked for a microwave to warm the soup which was been served almost cold, when asked the staff they replied the microwave is not working and to manage with the same soup. **5.** When went to coffee m/c the machine went off and no one bothered to address and was directed to another machine. None of the staff responds politely and all were so busy interacting among themself as of its a first job they got. **6.** While having food we discovered someone took away the trolley to keep back the plates, went to another staff and asked to share a trolley, and the staff responded in local language asking me to go and stand back into the queue with anger. **7.** Went to furniture section to customise the wardrobe, there were 3 staff on table and all struggling with computer. After 15 min of wait to understand one person asked us to come back after 15 more min as the actual counter operator went on break. **8.** Improper sinages to exits. When checked with few security folks standing near fire exit as help showing the direction to exit, the security directed us to wrong direction showing entry inside. Finally few like minded other customer with family we came together and figured to exit outside. **9.** There is no mobile network found inside so if you leave behind your family member you can't reach them over phone. The complete setup and facility seemed messed up and unorganised with fresher non trained, non professional staffs. Only few overseas supervisor/management staff were roaming around and all were busy impressing them which was very clearly visible by all other customers as well. It's a complete mismanagement and bitter experience. Hyderabad and Mumbai IKEA is very nicely managed with professional staff. Electrical safety is also a concern where we observed many open cables laid down. Best wishes to IKEA bangalore with such non professional staff and mismanaged crowd.
12 days ago
I want to share my story of fraud done by Flipkart and Jeeves with regard to my Flipkart MarQ TV purchased on 09-Aug-2019(Flipkart order no OD116221047053323000) along with 3 Years Complete Protection Plan. My TV got out of order on 31st March 2022 for which I raised the service request with Jeeves. Jeeves technician visited my residence and informed me the Power PCB card has some issues and needs to be replaced. Jeeves technician visited my house thrice but was not able to fix the issue as they were using either repaired or non-genuine spares. Finally, on 16th April 2022, another technician visited with another Card. This time TV started working and asked me to sign the report. This is the biggest mistake I did as the TV stopped working within 2 hours of repair on the same day. I called the technician and informed him that the TV stopped working again. He asked me to raise the service request again. I raised the service request again with Jeeves. After waiting for several days, I called Jeeves to get an update and Jeeves told me they are unable to get the card and hence they will not be able to repair it and asked me to accept 70% of the cost of purchase of the TV which is Rs.8583. I accepted this proposal and asked them to process it but on the next day they told me that they have repaired the TV once on 16th Apr 2022(this repair worked only for two hours) so they will deduct Rs. 3190 from my refund and will pay only Rs. 5393. I raised the protest against this fraud and did a lot of follow-ups with Flipkart and Jeeves to pay the full amount i.e., Rs. 8583 as this TV is under 3 years complete protection plan(Under this plan I am entitled to get N number of repairs free of charge). Flipkart and Jeeves just kept on lingering the issue and ultimately gave me Rs. 5393 today i.e. 07-Jun-2022 and cheated me for Rs. 3190 which I never expected from Flipkart. I have learned following lessons learned from this episode: - • Never sign the report on the same day of repair on the technician’s request and asked them to wait for some days. After running the TV for at least 20 days then only close your service request. • Never trust the Plans sold along with TV by Flipkart as they hide the important Terms and conditions for example they sold me the 3 Years Complete protection plan without mentioning that one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included in this plan which means effectively you get 2 years of protection plan or extended warranty. • Do not buy Jeeves services as this is a total fraud company.  It seems they use are non-genuine spare parts. • Lastly don't buy costly items like TV of Flipkart Brand as it seems they get these manufactured by non-standard manufacturers who are using inferior quality components resulting in frequent trouble and a very low overall life. In my case TV has given me service hardly for around 2 and a half years.
13 days ago
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