1. What is my Profile Page?

Registering at entitles one to a 'Profile Page'. This page contains all your personal information, description and other information that you have specified at the time of registration.

2. Will my private information be visible to any one?

Your privacy is our concern. Only information that is common, will be visible to all. Private information will not be shown in 'Timeline'.

3. How do I upload my Profile Picture?

Go to your Profile, select ‘Edit Profile’, and click on ‘Profile Photo’. You can then upload your picture by selecting an image from your gallery.

4. What is My Article? Another space for me to write reviews? Can I write a review under ‘My Article’ section?

Nope! Writing reviews is an established feature on Articles will help you record your personal feelings. It is exactly what it sounds like - an article where you can pour in your feelings on any topic under the blue sky. Post an Article

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