1. What is is essentially a consumer driven user review website. It provides a platform for the average consumer to express and share their feelings about their favourite and not-so-favourite products, services and institutions around the world, primarily in India. In this sense, serves as the marketplace for consumer ideas where they rant and rave. It’s an online community where the conversation never stops.

2. Who writes the reviews we see on

Anyone with access to the Internet, irrespective of their location, can write and post reviews on is a platform meant for average consumers to express themselves freely on products and services which they have purchased and experienced.

3. Does have a department or panel of experts who write reviews?

No, there is not a single review that has been written at the behest of Every reviewer has chosen to write their review on their own personal initiative.

4. What are the requirements for someone to write and post a review on

A user must first register on and thereafter each review must conform to review guidelines. Broadly speaking, the guidelines require that the review meets minimum size requirements (number of words), must address issues relevant to the topic under review and be free of profanity, obscenity, copyright issues etc. We also require that users not "spam" their reviews no matter how strongly they feel about a company, i.e. post the same review in multiple categories. Each user may post just one review on any one product in the most appropriate category.

5. Who decides what goes into a review?

Everything in a review is solely the input of the review writer.

6. There is a review about my company / product / organization – what does that mean?

It means that someone has decided to share their experience on the Internet about your company / product / organization and have chosen as the platform from which to do so.

7. A review about my company / product / organization is flattering – what does that mean?

It means someone had a positive experience and you ought to be congratulated. Hopefully, this review offers you information that you can use to continue to delight other customers / members.

8. A review about my company / product / organization is negative – what does that mean?

It means that someone had a negative experience in interacting with your company/product or organization. In our experience, with rare exceptions, a negative review is an attempt by a dissatisfied customer / member to get that feeling off their chest. In most instances they will provide details of what it is that they did not like. The organization in question can use such feedback as a data point for what its customers/members may be thinking to improve its products/services/processes. By viewing such feedback in a constructive way, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to improve their organizations.

9. I have a lot of reviews on my company / organization – what does that mean?

It simply means that many of your customers / members are choosing to express their opinions online. You should look at the average rating assigned to your company/organization. It is natural to expect that some reviews will be negative and others will be positive.

10. There is a particularly bad review on my organization – can remove it?

As a policy, does not remove any review as long as they conform to review guidelines.

11. Can tell me who wrote a certain review?

Each member reveals his identity in his profile and that information is all we can provide you. You may send an M2M (internal email) message to such individual users asking for more information – we do not prohibit that. But we do not reveal any further information about such reviews unless required to do so by a court of law.

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