1. What categories are listed on MouthShut?

MouthShut is spread across 16 categories comprising thousands of products and services available in India and abroad. From 'Automotive' to 'Travel', our list comprehensively covers products and services that you, as a consumer, may have used at a given point in time, or are planning to use in the future. This list is constantly updated. Our research team continuously adds new products and services as and when they are introduced to the market. To check all categories, just Click Here.

2. How do I locate a product on the site?

Type name of the product or brand in the search bar, or select from the ‘Categories’ tab on bottom navigation bar.

3. Where do the reviews come from?

The reviews are written by people like you, who are members on our site. They share their experiences, their opinions and advice so that others can benefit from it. Check Recent reviews here.

4. How credible are the reviews and opinions?

The reviews written on the site are honest, unbiased and based on genuine experiences.

5. Are the reviews influenced by advertisers?

We do not accept reviews by advertisers. Our reviews are written only by registered members of the site.

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