1. What about limits on number of invite friends?

The more the merrier. Earn 10 MS Points per active friend invited.

2. I invited my friends but did not receive referral points.

In order to get eligible for MS Points through Invite friend, make sure that all your invited friends should get register here and write & share their genuine experience on Once they will get MS Points for their approved reviews, the same referral MS Points will be credited to your account. Invite your friend to earn more, Click Here

3. All my invitations are getting disapproved.

We have our internal algorithms in place to detect the genuineness of a user. If our system found that your friends do not seem to be genuine, then all your invitations will be disapproved. Remember, unscrupulous techniques may result in an indefinite ban from participation.

4.My invited friends are getting MS Points but I am not getting referral MS Points. Why?

In order to claim your referral MS Points, make sure all your invitees should be genuine & active members of Kindly ask all your invited friends to get themselves KYC verified to prove their genuinity by uploading KYC details on MouthShut. Note: We are getting a lot of fake profile just for the sake of earning through Write-Share-Win contest, hence it is required all the members on should be verified.

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