1. How do I write a review?

Writing a review on is easy. Just follow any of the following steps to write your review:
• Click on the ‘Write a Review’ tab from the more option on the bottom navigation bar of any page & type the name of any product you wish to review; an auto suggestion will help your search to find the right product.
• Search for your desired product/service and click on the ‘Write Review’ tab on the selected page.
• Share your experience & fill all the required fields.

2. What exactly should I write a review about?

Pick a product or service you've bought or used. Share your personal experience about it. Keep your reviews informative to help others make buying decisions.

3. Is there a limit on the number of reviews one can write in a day? How many reviews can I write in one day?

Write as many reviews per day. No more keeping your Mouth Shut. No upper limits to how much you can earn!

4. Are there any rules and regulations to follow?

There are no specific rules to be followed but we would like to give you a few tips. When your review is well written, more readers will read and rate it. These few tips will help you write a better quality review.
• Keep your review informative – minimum 250 words.
• Share your true experience.
• Avoid abusive or offensive language.
• Avoid personal information. (email, phone number, address)
• Write well. Check your grammar and punctuation. This will help others easily understand what you have written.
• Remember, well formatted reviews invite more readers!

5. How can I modify a review that I've already written?

• On your profile page - you will see a list of all the reviews you have written. Click on the review that you wish to modify. When the review opens, you can make your changes on the page by clicking on 'Edit review'. Once you are through, click on the 'Submit review' button at the end of the review.
• You can also edit/update/modify your written review by visiting the reviewed product page.
• Just go to the product that you've already reviewed in the past, it will show you "Edit Review" button. Click on it & update your review as per your need & submit.

6. What if I can't find a product/brand/service I want to review?

If the product/brand/service you wish to review is not listed on our site, then use our MouthPad feature and suggest the brand, product or service you want listed. We will soon list it, and make it easy for you to share your experiences with the whole world. Try now - Add a Product

7. How long does it take to post my review?

It happens immediately. As soon as you submit it, your review is posted. And now everyone can read about your experiences. You can write on as many different products as you like. There's no limit. But, remember you can write only one review per product/service.

8. How will I know if my reviews are rated?

You will get a notification if someone rates your review. If you would like to see who all have rated then simply go to your written review page, Click on 'Rating Breakup' at the end of your review. There you will find the list of people who have read and rated your review. Click Here to check your Notifications

9. How much time will it take to approve my review? By when my review be approved?

After you write and share your reviews, we request you to be patient when it comes to the approval. Our team has to follow protocol, and we cross check every single review, which is a little time-consuming. We assure you that your review will be checked and approved or disapproved soon by our team. To know the status of all your reviews, just login to your account & Click Here

10. Why are all my reviews getting disapproved? is a user-generated content and consumer review website on the Internet. We have our internal algorithms in place to detect the genuineness of a user’s reviews and there is a compliance team which works 24X7X365 just to make sure that each and every activity which is done on MouthShut is genuine. You can always update your reviews & improve a chance to get it approved.

11.How can I improve my review quality to get it better?

If your reviews are getting disapproved, Don't Lose Hope! Follow the guidelines and get rid of review disapproval:
- Your reviews should be based on your true experiences of any products/services you used.
- Your opinion should count by posting your reviews well descriptive and product oriented.
- To increase your review credibility, post reviews on different category products.
- Originality is a trend. Make sure you do not copy reviews.
- Expose your shopping skills by posting reviews on new products in the markets.
- Your review should be such that after reading your review, it should help others to make an instant decision whether to buy that product or not?
So start participating now.

12. I have written reviews but did not get any MS Points. Why?

In order to earn MS Points from the reviews written, make sure that all of your reviews are shared on either Twitter or Facebook. Sharing your reviews on Facebook/Twitter is mandatory. Check if all your reviews are shared. Click Here to know the status. Kindly share them on Facebook/Twitter and make your reviews eligible for Write-Share-Win Contest.

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