1. What are the KYC documents required to get verified on MouthShut?

You can refer to the necessary valid KYC documents mentioned below:
• Government issued photo identity proof with address – Aadhar card, Passport, Driver's License.
• To upload your KYC document, Click Here

2. Why does MouthShut need KYC ID proof?

Since MS Points are converted to cash and transferred to your bank account, we need to make sure that the account details on is the same as the person in whose bank account we are transferring the money. Also you will be rewarded with Verified Member badge once your KYC gets verified.

3. When will my account be KYC verified?

After you submit your KYC, kindly be a little patient when it comes to the approval. We follow a set protocol and check every single KYC doc, which can be a little time-consuming sometimes. We assure you that your KYC will be approved or disapproved within 2,3 working days. To check status of your KYC,Click Here

4. Is KYC document required for writing reviews?

NO. Anybody can become a member and write reviews on! However, KYC document is required if you need to convert your MS Points into cash for Write-Share-Win Contest.

5. I have uploaded my KYC but it’s getting disapproved. Why?

You must have got a corresponding e-mail for each KYC disapproved with the exact reason. Kindly check your mail associated with your MouthShut account. You can refer below to know the accepted valid KYC documents required to get approval. KYC Document - Government issued photo identy proof with address – Aadhar card, Passport, Driver's License.

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