1. What is a Photo Gallery?

As the name suggests, Photo Gallery is your own photo album on where you can post photos of yourself, your friends and family, you can check this from your Profile.

2. In the Photo Gallery, my photos are scattered all over. Can I organize them better?

Of course you can, by creating albums. Once you create an 'Album’, you can transfer all the photos to relevant albums. Please note, your current photos are in a default album known as 'General'.

3. I want to keep my photos private. What do I do?

If you want to keep your photos private, all you have to do is select 'Members I Trust'. If you select 'Everyone', then your photos will be visible to everyone on Please note that if you select 'Members I Trust', your photos will be visible to only members you followed.

4. There is a mismatch in the photo count. Is this a bug?

The mismatch which you speak about is due to the albums. The ones which you can see are for 'Everyone'. The ones you cannot has been put under 'Members I Trust'. If you wish to see all the pictures, please request the concerned member to trust you.

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