1. What is Write-Share-Win Contest?

Write-Share-Win Contest is all about sharing your true experiences about the products/services you used. Positive experience will win 20 MS Points and Negative one will get you earn 30 MS Points. Click Here to know more!

2. How to participate in Write-Share-Win contest?

Simple! Just post your true experiences about any product/brand/service on & share the review on your Twitter account, you will become eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest. Click Here to know more!

3. How can I earn through the Write-Share-Win contest?

The moment you share your true & genuine experience, you get eligible to earn through this contest. Your review will be verified by our team & if found genuine, the corresponding MS Points will be credited to your account. Click Here to know more!

4. What if my reviews are not shared on Twitter?

To get eligible for the Write-Share-Win contest, & in order to earn MS Points from the reviews written, sharing them on Twitter is mandatory. To check the status of all your posted reviews, Click Here

5. How do I share my reviews?

You can share your reviews from the 'Thank You' page that appears after review submission. Also you can know the status of all your unshared reviews & share them on Twitter from the Contest page. Click Here to share!

6. How do I know the status of my reviews?

You can know the status all your approved, disapproved & pending reviews along with shared status from the Contest page. Click Here to know the status of all your reviews.

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