1. How can I update my Bank details in Is it safe to share my bank details?

Once you've earned 500 MS Points you will see a message in your account asking you to update your bank details. You can Click Here to update your bank details. Your privacy and data is important to us and we protect your information from identity thefts by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

2. Will I have to pay anything to to participate in this contest?

We will never ask you to send us any money; rather we will be sending you money for your eligible MS Points. Please remember will never ask you for your ATM PIN or Bank Passwords OR ANY PASSWORD AT ALL.

3. How much time would it take for my bank account to verify? How long will it take for my bank KYC to approve?'s system is designed to update in real-time. However, it may take 2 to 3 working days to update your Bank details, as we need to cross check lots of things in order to verify the same.

4. I don’t have an account in any Bank, can I use my Mother/Father’s Bank account to redeem?

We do understand your concern & feel happy to resolve your issue but our system does not accept any bank details which is not associated with your own MouthShut account. We do certain checks on our end to verify each & everything related to member's verified account. In order to claim for redemption, we request you to kindly share your own bank details only. Click Here to update your bank details.

5. Can I use same bank details with different MouthShut account?

No! Our system does not allow same Bank details to be linked to different MouthShut account. We are requesting you to please update different Bank details to redeem your earned MS Points.

6. I need to update my Bank details, is it possible?

Yes! Although our system does not allow any further changes/updates in the KYC process or Bank details once it gets approved by our Team, we are always ready to help you out. If you want to update your Bank details, kindly send us your updated info at feedback form given below, our team will verify and update the same. You will be notified once it gets updated, Click Here to update your bank details.

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