1. What is the Message feature?

MouthShut enables its members to make friends with their peers. This feature is available for members whose contact number is verified on MouthShut. Message feature helps you to email other members, expressing personal views. Click Here to Try

2. Can I provide hyperlinks to my review?

We understand that there may be a need to provide hyperlinks to reviews, but as a matter of policy, MouthShut does not permit the same. However, to underline the importance of certain words and phrases, MouthShut does allow you to use Bold or Italics.

3. What is the significance of ‘recommendation’ while writing a review?

Your recommendation determines your perception of the product and whether it should be used by the readers or not.

4. I want members to read the reviews that I have just edited. However, they are not displayed on the home page, nor under 'Recent Reviews'. What do I do?

Edited reviews do not re-appear in the 'Recent Reviews'. You can, however, send Message to all those members whom you wish to share the edited version of your review with.

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